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CyclingCeramic Spins Out New Cera Bearing Lube & Grease

cyclingceramic bicycle bearing grease, lube and cleaner products
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If you want to keep those ceramic bearing investments spinning as free and fast as possible, you may want to invest in proper cleaning and care, too.

CyclingCeramic followed up its price drop announcement with this new line of degreasers, lubes, and greases. They’re made for all the spinny things on the bike, too, even those with standard metal bearings. And, they’re all reasonably priced, too.

The Cleaner ($9.90) is a bearing degreaser designed to thoroughly clean bearings, prepping them for fresh lube or grease. Just remove the seal from your bearing, squirt it in, let it sit for a bit, then rinse it out with water. It adds a bit of corrosion protection, is eco-friendly, and the package is made of recycled plastic.

The Assembly Grease ($10.90) is for BBs. Just coat the threads or press-fit- sleeve with a light film when you install. Then, it’ll help keep things from getting stuck when it’s time to remove them for service.

Three different bearing Grease ($7.20 to $10.80) formulations let you repack your bearings for everyday use, long duration, or
“time trial”. The latter is basically a race-day option and they recommend degreasing and reapplying after your event. There’s also a Pulley Wheel Oil ($10.80) that offers a lighter viscosity option for those tiny bearings inside your derailleur pulleys.


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