Indonesian tire manufacturer, Delium Tires, has released four new mountain bike tires covering XC, Trail, Enduro and Downhill, with prices starting at just $35 USD and topping out at $55 USD. The very affordable range offers three casing constructions and three compound layups, in 29″ and 27.5″ diameters, to deliver the right balance of grip, weight, rolling resistance, durability and puncture protection appropriate for each of those disciplines. Here’s an overview of the Delium Fast, Steady, Versatile and Rugged Adventure mountain bike tires available from November 2021.

Delium Mountain Bike Tires

delium rugged versatile steady fast mtb tire range affordableDelium Tires is now offering some very affordable mountain bike tires, priced at $35 USD up to $55 USD, with four tread patterns covering everything from XC riding up to Downhill. All will be available in both 29″ and 27.5″ diameters, with the two faster rolling options at 2.4″ and the more aggressive options at 2.5″ wide. 

The Fast Adventure and Steady Adventure tread patterns have two different casing options; Light and All-Round. At a claimed 950g (in 29″), the descriptor “light” is a bit of a stretch for XC riding, but this is the lightest option they offer. Delium discuss tire casing construction by breaking it down into three distinct “zones”; we’re still waiting to hear about the specifics on ply, TPI and ETRTO.

delium tires light mtb casing construction for fast steady tread patterns


In the Light casing Zone 1 (the top) is extra supple, Zone 2 has a layer of extra protection in the sidewalls, while Zone 3 lacks any tangible pinch-flat protection above the Aramid bead. The single ply casing has 62 TPI with an extra rubber layer. Two different rubber compounds make up the tread area; a hard 65a durometer rubber makes up the base layer and centre tread, while a softer 50a durometer rubber sits at the top surface of the side knobs to enhance cornering grip. This particular combination of compounds prioritizes a low rolling resistance.

delium all round casing construction

The All-Round casing, available for all four tread patterns, gets the same extra supple top, with cut protection inserts at the sidewalls, but also gains some rim impact protection to ward off pinch-flat punctures. This one is dual-ply with 62 TPI layers. As you might imagine, it is a little heavier, with the claimed weight for the Versatile Adventure 29er coming in at 990g. The layup of rubber compounds is different, too, made up three different durometers of rubber. The base layer is the same 65a rubber, while the top surface of the centre tread gets the slight softer 60a rubber. The top surface of the outer knobs is softer again, made up of a 50a rubber.

delium reinforced casing construction enduro downhill applications

Delium’s more aggressive tread patterns, Versatile Adventure and Rugged Adventure, are available with the choice of the All-Round and Reinforced casings. The reinforced casing is also dual-ply 62 TPI with sidewall support and a double layer of rim protection. It is combined with the softest rubber compounds, suited to enduro and downhill applications. It is therefore the heaviest, weighing a claimed 1250g for a Rugged Adventure 29er. The hard 65a rubber makes up the base, with the 50a rubber at the centre tread and the softest 42a rubber at the side knobs providing the best cornering grip.

Rugged Adventure

delium rugged mtb tire

With a quick glance at the Delium Rugged Adventure tire, it’s hard not to be reminded of the Maxxis Assegai. There are some key differences, however. At the edge, the alternating regular rectangular blocks sit furthest outboard, with the alternating L-Shaped ones positioned closest to the centre tread. The siping is different too, with one wider cut rather than three thinner, shallower cuts.

The centre-tread is home to 6mm tall blocks, with an intermediate set of smaller blocks running between the centre and side knobs.

Versatile Adventure

delium versatile mtb tire

The Delium Versatile Adventure Tire gets slightly lower, elongated centre tread blocks, standing at 5.5mm tall. The channel between the centre tread and staggered, L-Shaped edge knobs is very pronounced; this should allow it to bite well into mud and clear it quickly, too.

Steady Adventure

delium steady mtb tire

The Delium Steady Adventure tire is where rolling resistance starts to take priority over the tire’s ability to bite deep into the terrain. The side knobs are much more staggered, with the inboard ones clearly bridging the gap between the edge and centre-tread regions, where the blocks stand at 4.5mm tall. The profile is also more rounded, as compared to the more squared-off profile seen on the Rugged Adventure and Versatile Adventure.

Fast Adventure

delium fast mtb tire

The Delium Fast Adventure tread is their fastest rolling design, with very pronounced ramping seen on the centre tread knobs that stand at 4mm tall. This one is made for speed and traction over hard-pack, dry terrain. The centre tread blocks are flared, presenting a smaller surface area at the leading edge, increased at the trailing edge for a larger surface area to brake against.

Claimed Weights, Pricing & Availability

All four new Delium tires will be available to US customers by November 2021. When production ramps up they will look to cater to markets outside of the US.

Delium Tire Diameter Casing Weight Price
Rugged Adventure 29″ Reinforced 1250g $55
All-Round 990g $45
27.5″ Reinforced 1200g $55
All-Round 950g $45
Versatile Adventure 29″ Reinforced 1250g $55
All-Round 990g $45
27.5″ Reinforced 1200g $55
All-Round 950g $45
Steady Adventure 29″ All-Round 990g $45
Light 850g $35
27.5″ All-Round 950g $45
Light 800g $35
Fast Adventure 29″ All-Round 990g $45
Light 850g $35
27.5″ All-Round 950g $45
Light 800g $35

delium versatile mtb tire riding berm

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8 months ago

All four new Delium tires will be available to US customers by November 2021.

Which US distributor will carry these? QBP? BTI? Direct?

Delium Tires
8 months ago

Hi there, We will be selling direct through our website. Over $100 equals free shipping and under $100 is $8 shipping.