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Derby Rims Sol Rider carbon hoops for AM, XC & gravel claim unbreakable performance

new sol rider derby rims claim unbreakable perfromance 5 year free warranty replacement trail enduro xc gravel options
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Derby Rims proudly inform us that their new Sol Rider carbon rims have survived a 3 year battering by DH racers, free riders and mechanical testing. Hence, the “unbreakable” claim, and the 5 year free warranty replacement they offer with the purchase of any rims in the Sol Rider line-up. Why are they so tough? It’s all down to Derby Rims’ new Solstice layup… we have the details. 

Derby Rims Sol Rider

derbys new sr claim unbreakable performance 5 year free warranty replacement trail enduro xc gravel options

Derby Rims are offering Sol Rider in a variety of widths and wheel sizes for All-Mountain, Criss-Country and gravel riding, each in a 28 or 32 spoke count option. With that in mind, here’s the line-up:

  • 27.5″ x 35i
  • 29″ x 30i
  • 29″ x 35i
  • 700c/29″ x 25i

derby rims sol rider symmetrical rim profile angular spoke holes water drainage

Across the Sol Rider range, the new rims have a symmetrical profile with angled spoke and water drain holes.

Rim Claimed weight (+/- 10g) Internal Width (mm) External Width (mm)  Depth (mm) ERD (mm)
27.5″ x 35i 465 34.5 40 30.5 542
29″ x 30i 485 30 36 30.5 582
29″ x 35i 485 34 40 31 584
700c x 25i 445 25 31 32.5 578

Derby Rims Solstice Layup

So what on earth makes Derby Rims new Sol Rider hoops tougher than their original MTB carbon rims, which themselves have a 0.5% damage rate over 3 years? That would be the proprietary Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) hybrid layup of carbon-fiber and plastic fiber composites. Not only does it maker them tougher, but it also gives rise to a much smoother ride feel.

new derby rims sol rider carbon fiber plastic composite fracture resistant rims for xc am gravel riding

The plastic fiber layers microscopically stretch between alternating layers of carbon fiber in the Solstice layup. When flexed excessively by hard impacts the Sol Rider’s rim wall flex tolerance prevents micro-fracturing, the initial separation of an internal layer’s carbon fibers. In turn, this prevents further separation of internal layers and ultimately, rim failure. 

derby rims sol rider plastic carbon fiber layup smoother rider fracture resistant

With the engineered flex, you may well expect the rims to offer more compliance, and thus a smoother ride feel than the original carbon rims. 

“These are the smoothest carbon-fiber composite rims I’ve ever ridden” – CAT-1 masters DH-racer Kevin Dwyer.

Pricing & Availability

All Derby Rims in the Sol Rider range retail at $740 USD per rim. Derby offer a 5-year free damage replacement policy for original owners and a lifetime extended replacement warranty including secondary owners. 

Derby Rims offer an entire rainbow of decal color customization options, or you can go sticker free for a proper stealth look.


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3 years ago

And even better yet, you’ll never meet a guy quite as nice as Ray who owns Derby anywhere. Ran into him many times at Interbike and Sea Otter over the years, and he’s just a hell of a nice guy.

He also was the first person I recall pushing wide rims looooong before such where a thing. Easily 3-5 years ahead of everyone else at the “big name” manufacturers.

Supporting Derby is supporting a great guy who executes and makes happen some cool stuff.

3 years ago

wait, what? $1480 for the pair of rims? Do I have that right? I’d expect to have them laced up to a nice set of hubs for that money.

3 years ago

reminds me of lifetime warranty light bulbs. charge 10x more for the initial one and be happy to replace it 5 times. still make more $$ in the end.

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