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DJI Action 2 camera’s mini, modular, magnetic design films 4K all the ways

dji action 2 4k action camera with modular design
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It’s been a minute since drone leader DJI has been in the action camera game. Their original DJI Action model debuted May 2019, putting a 2.5 year span between the camera that introduced front-facing screens to the category and its predecessor.

So, what’s new? Pretty much everything, really, starting with a wildly modular design that lets you only bring along (and buy) the features you really need. Fortunately, the base Action 2 camera module keeps their horizon leveling and Rocksteady 2 image stabilization, but almost everything else has changed…

DJI Action 2 tech specs & features

dji action 2 camera closeup and tech features

What sets the new DJI Action 2 apart from others is the minuscule design, packing a 4K120 action camera into a tiny 56-gram cube measuring 39x39x22.3mm. And it still gets up to 50 minutes of run time, has a 1.76″ touch screen on the back, a 1/1.7″ CMOS sensor, and 155º wide angle field of view.

It even has a built-in Color Temperature Sensor, letting it restore natural color tones in challenging light conditions…and underwater recording (t’s waterproof to 10m).

And that’s before you start adding the accessories, which snap into place magnetically and add a ton more functionality and battery life. Shown above is the front touch screen module, giving you all the controls and access to settings while you can see what it sees. Both are protected with Gorilla Glass and provide haptic response, so you can sense when it’s “clicking” through the settings for more precise control.

dji action 2 camera closeup in a hand

The camera has a single front-facing mic, but add the second screen module and you gain 360º sound from an additional three mics…and battery life extends up to a whopping 160 minutes, which is probably plenty to fill up the 32GB of internal storage. Swap that for the Power Module and battery life is up to 180 minutes, and you get an external MicroSD slot to add more storage.

While you could click all three together, unfortunately, there are no connections on the bottom of either the power mod or screen mod, so only one will actually be able to interface with the camera at a time. But, you can run a separate USB charger or battery pack to the camera while recording.

dji action 2 camera closeup of touch screen

The camera has an f/2.8 lens and is also capable of shooting 12MP still photos, with electronic shutter speeds from 1/8000 up to 30 seconds. It has 0.5/1/2/3/5/10 second countdown timers, too, so you can easily run to get in the group shot. ISO ranges from 100-6400 for both photo and video.

Here’s the full video mode list:

video mode and resolution specs chart for DJI action 2 camera

Other specs and features include:

  • Slow Motion: Shoot 4x slow-mo in 4K/120fps and 8x 1080p/240fps.
  • Hyperlapse: Capture and customize Hyperlapse video, switching to and from regular-speed recording to get creative.
  • Timelapse: Capture
  • QuickClip: Set the device to take short 10, 15, or 30-second videos, perfect for social media.
  • Livestream: Paired with their Mimo app, livestream in HD up to 1080p/30fps.
  • Webcam: Plug it into your computer via USB and use it for hi-def video for conference calls and live broadcasts.
  • Snapshot: Turn the camera on and start recording automatically by simply pressing and holding the power button.

The magnetic design also makes for some interesting mounting and wearable options…

Action 2 accessories & mounts

optional accessories and bundles for the DJI Action 2 video camera

  • Front Touchscreen Module: A front-facing OLED touchscreen also adds three built-in microphones for 4-mic Matrix Stereo technology, bumps maximum battery life to 160 minutes.
  • Power Module: Provides up to 180 minutes of filming and an additional microSD card slot. The camera’s battery is sealed inside, so getting more Power Modules is how you’d get more power for all-day shoots.

  • Magnetic Lanyard: Wear it under your shirt (or sports bra) to get a hands-free POV angle.
  • Magnetic Ball-Joint Adapter Mount: Stick this mount’s adhesive base to any surface, or use the 1/4-20 mount on a tripod or other accessory, and get 360º of angle adjustment.

dji action 2 camera on a mountain bike helmet

  • Magnetic Adapter Mount: Stick it on almost any metal surface for a strong connection, or flip down the prongs for a more traditional action camera-style mount that works with all those other brand’s and 3rd party mounts.

dji action 2 camera closeup with tripod mount and remote control

  • Remote Control Extension Rod: A 3-in-1 accessory serves as a mini selfie stick, tripod, and has a detachable remote controller, which in itself could be quite handy.
  • Floating Handle: A hollow design and non-slip grip makes the DJI Action 2 easy to use in and around water, and the handle can attach to a tripod or their Waterproof Case:

dji action 2 camera waterproof case

  • Waterproof Case: Protects the camera and front touchscreen module or power module to depths of up to 60 meters.
  • Magnetic Headband: Another hands-free alternative that allows users to shoot videos in unique FPV.
  • Macro Lens: An optical glass macro lense with multi-layer coating that attaches magnetically over the camera unit lens for super closeups.


dji mic wireless microphone for vlogging and video interviews and voiceovers

We’re just as excited about this as we are the camera. The new DJI Mic is a wireless dual-channel recording system that connects to your Action 2 camera…and more. It has a recording range of up to 200 meters and is compatible with Action 2, smartphones, and any device that has a 3.5mm audio input.

dji mic wireless microphone for vlogging and video interviews and voiceovers

It’s a three-piece system, using a transmitter with color display that shows how much of the 7.5 hours of battery life each of the transmitters has left. It only gets 5 hours itself, but it all comes in a charging case that’ll provide up to 18 hours total use…so, just top it off between sessions. This should be really popular among vloggers, but we can see it replacing other mics for podcast interviews and more.

Action 2 pricing, bundles & options

dji action 2 camera closeup

DJI Action 2 is available now from DJI and authorized retailers like Amazon and B&H Photo Video in several configurations. The DJI Action 2 Dual-Screen Combo retails for $519 USD and includes the DJI Action 2 Camera Unit, Front Touchscreen Module, Magnetic Lanyard, Magnetic Ball- Joint Adapter Mount, and Magnetic Adapter Mount.

The DJI Action 2 Power Combo retails for $399 USD and includes DJI Action 2 Camera Unit, Power Module, Magnetic Lanyard, and Magnetic Adapter Mount. All other accessories will be sold separately.


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2 years ago

That image and video thumbnail with the detached, screen-on Front Touchscreen Module make it seem like the module communicates wirelessly with the base camera unit. I don’t think that’s the case, though. If so, false advertisement, no?

Stephen Sheridan
Stephen Sheridan
2 years ago

i wish they had a water proof case that fit just the camera without the modules

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