Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto! Livall adds another full featured “smart helmet” to the lineup

Livall Bling Bh60 2

We covered Livall’s Bling smart helmet a while back and it looks as though they have a new model with the same smart features. Crash detection, communication & ride tracking via Bluetooth, turn signals, and a freaking walkie talkie! What’s your handle?

Head past the break to see what the future might hold….

Livall Bling Bh60 colors

After we covered the start up a couple of months ago some may have chuckled, but their Indiegogo crowdfunder raised 1,162% of their goal! Now they’re doing it again, but this time through Kickstarter. While a little confused at first as to why they were doing another crowd funding effort for the same helmet, it wasn’t until I scrolled about 3/4 way down their page to discover that it wasn’t a re-design, but an entirely different model. The first version was just called the Bling Helmet whereas now it is the BH100 and the new one is the BH60.

To do a quick review of our initial coverage, here are the original Bling helmet, (BH100), features:

  • LED Lighting System: illuminates the helmet with 80 LEDs and turning signals that safely replaces traditional hand signals.
  • Walkie-Talkie function: communicates with other cyclists using a Bling helmet.
  • Built-in Gravity Sensor: detects emergencies and activates emergency SOS calls.
  • Nano Cadence Sensor: measures speed, distance, calories, and more.
  • Battery Power Bank: charges phone.
  • Bling Jet Remote Control: easily installs on the bike’s handle bars to connect to phone and helmet
  • Phone Holder and Stem with Battery: securely snaps smartphone onto handle bars and charges the phone.
  • LIVALL Riding App: analyzes ride, measures cadence, speed, (and more), takes photos and videos. Shares ride info on social media platforms. App works with other wearables devices.
  • Use phone safely: makes/takes calls with wind-cancelling mic. Converts text messages to voice.
  • Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker for hands-free music: listen to music safely while cycling.
  • 3 fashionable colors: Ferrari Red, Ocean Blue, Bumblee Yellow.

Livall Stem

Charging Remote

In addition to the helmet, a Bluetooth cadence sensor and a stem/phone holder are available with a package deal or as an add on. The “Phone holder and charger” are actually a stem with an internal power source built in that can keep your phone charged while it’s being used. The helmet and stem can be charged together when not in use to simplify the charging process.  The bar mounted controller communicates with both the helmet and phone via Bluetooth. It can be used to scroll through & use the Livall app’s menu & functions, control the turn signals, take pictures & video, be used to answer calls, view texts, as well as control the walkie-talkie function. “Snowman, you got your ears on”?

Livall Bling Bh60

Though the design is quite different, the new BH60 has all of the same features as the BH100 except for the LED’s on top of the helmet, and only half of the battery life, (10 hours vs. 20 hours for the BH100). However a big and much appreciated plus is that it is significantly lighter… by over a quarter of a pound!

The BH60 and BH100 helmets though similar are classified differently. Other than having a visor, it’s almost contradicting as to why the BH100 with more overall lighting (80 LEDs), is “designed for mountain bikers” and the B60 with only 14 LEDs in the back of the helmet is “designed for urban bikers”. Regardless, Livall has listed the BH100 within some of the crowdfunding purchase options so you can get the one that suits your needs best.

Check out the video on the new Livall BH60, but be warned of the really bad daisy dukes, voice dubbing, and the cringe worthy scene at 0:53 seconds in.

Livall Kickstarter Page
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6 years ago

Price is reasonable for all you get. Too bad polystyrene helmets have such a short lifespan (3 years, so they say).

6 years ago

While I wouldn’t buy this helmet, the BH60 is much more pragmatic than the BH100.