Donnelly Cycling announced a new tubeless-ready clincher version of their classic 33mm PDX cyclocross tire. Meant for muddy conditions, the new tire uses the same tread as its tubular brethren, with tubeless beads and a 240tpi construction.

Donnelly PDX WC tubeless-ready cyclocross tire

The PDX was Donnelly’s original tire, launched over a decade ago in tubular trim. Now that the market is evolving with much more tubeless tire use, they developed a brand new PDX WC in tubeless-ready clincher format. With a 240tpi casing and 350 gram weight, it is made at the UCI size limit of 33mm.

The original tubular PDX is still available for purists, but company founder Donn Kellogg said it was time for a new option:

“The idea of the PDX came from my passion for cyclocross and to provide racers with a superior mud tire. It’s hard to believe this tire has been in use for more than a decade with out needing a change. I could not be more excited about this enhancement.”

The PDX WC will be available initially with tan sidewalls, with an all-black version to follow. Both will retail for $80 USD. Donnelly also plans to release LAS and MXP versions later this year.


  1. Walter on

    Is it actually 33mm? The existing PDX Tubeless tires all measure somewhere between 35-37mm. It would be really nice to have a truly UCI compatible tubeless cross tire.

  2. Colin M on

    How is this tire $70 to $80 when the standard clincher is $46? That doesn’t make sense.

    Also, UCI can screw off with their 33mm rule and measuring tool. Amateurs shouldn’t have to shop based on a rule designated for professionals. This isn’t NASCAR.

    • Dolan Halbrook on

      Way lighter and way higher TPI account for the price tag. Plenty of wealthy amateurs will spring for a tire that’s 75 grams PER TIRE lighter.

      But yeah, unless you’re elite, 33mm means jack shit.

      • Patrick on

        Dolan nails it. High TPi is very desirable and 75 grams per tire is a HUGE decrease in weight.

        There are very few people, if any, in the USA that are paying for their own tires AND having to use 33 mm tires. Even at a UCI event like Jingle Cross or Trek CXC, only the professional/elite racers have the 33mm rule and get their tires measured. Nationals is the only other one in the USA where there is a 33mm rule (for most) measure tires.

    • Patrick on

      They didn’t ‘take them over’ at all. It was always Donnelly Sports that licensed (rented) the name ‘Clement’ because that name had tire history. Pirelli was the one that were licensing ‘Clement’ to Donnelly. Once Pirelli started making bike tires, they didn’t want somebody using the Clement name anymore. The only thing that changed was the name on the tires went from Clement to Donnelly.

      Sorry you don’t like your tires. Luckily there’s a crazy amount of options out there.

  3. Miles on

    I got these on a 20mm internal width rim and they measure out to about 31.5mm. Anyone else experiencing the same? Wonder if I should return them.


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