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Drift Stealth 2 Camera Offers Half the Size, All of the Battery Life

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Drift 2 stealth camera action  (4)

We love the new Sony Action Cam Mini, but if there was one downside to the camera it would have to be its battery life. The new Drift Stealth 2 can’t quite compete on size, but the diminutive camera looks like it will more than make up for it in battery life. At just over 3″ in length, the Stealth 2 is Drift’s smallest camera yet and packs an impressive amount of features into the tiny package.

If you’re looking for one of the longest run times on a single charge, you’ll want to check out the Stealth 2 next…

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Drift 2 stealth camera action  (2)Drift 2 stealth camera action  (1)

At almost exactly half the size of the Drift Ghost HD camera, the Stealth 2 measures 80 mm (3.15″) x 42 mm (1.65″)  x 27 mm (1.06″) and weighs in at only 97g which works out to around 40% lighter. The built in rechargeable 1500 mAh battery provides up to 3 hours of recording time at 1080p shooting at 30 fps. Compare that with most other action cameras and in some cases you’re looking at double the recording time.

To make the camera smaller and more energy efficient, the live view LCD screen has been replaced with a simple color coded screen and Mono graphic backlit LCD which changes color based on the recording mode.

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Using a 137º field of view, the Stealth 2 retains the 360º adjustable 7 element lens so that the camera is always recording right side up no matter how it’s mounted. Camera controls are located on the top of the camera but it is also compatible with the Drift 2-way remote control as well as the Android and iPhone Drift Connect App.


Like other Drift cameras, the Stealth 2 can record WVGA, 720, 960, and 1080p HD video with high speed recording available in 720p and WVGA modes. Other camera features include Flashback Video tagging where the camera continuously records but only saves what you tag, photoburst mode at 3 fps, Timelapse photography, and even a car DVR mode where you plug it in through a USB cord and it will record footage in a continuous loop. Still photos can be taken in 5, 8, or 12MP formats.

Weather resistant without an additional housing, full waterproof housings are available which are good to 40m. The Stealth 2 can use all of the current Drift mounts as well as anything with a 1/4 20 thread.

Selling for $249, Stealt 2 cameras will include curved and flat surface mounts, a goggle mount, universal clip, and a micro USB cable. For complete specs, check out driftinnovation.com.

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9 years ago

How well do these do picking up license plates of ne’er do wells when mounted under a road bike seat?

9 years ago

Yes! I’ve been waiting for a good form and compact-sized HD camera (similar to the Shimano CM-1000) that has good battery life of 2.5 hours and above. We’re moving in the right direction. The rotatable lens is a good idea too. And the fact that it’s already weather resistant without adding additional bulk sounds good. Got my interest.

8 years ago

My favorite camera! 🙂 I’ve used it for some months and I’m satisfied with it. It survived my crash landing when suddenly ground disappeared under my wheels during downhill biking. Something bigger and more sticking out wouldn’t survive then.

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