As utilitarian, car-replacing e-bikes grow in popularity, they’re also getting heavier & more powerful, so DT Swiss has built new Hybrid Utility to do the heavy lifting. Built to stand up to the higher loads and additional stresses, the new DT Swiss HU 1900 Spline wheels combine proven tech from their MTB, eMTB, and Hybrid e-bike lines to deliver long-lasting durability & reliability to loaded e-bike riders.

DT Swiss Hybrid Utility HU 1900 Spline e-bike wheels

DT Swiss Hybrid Utility HU 1900 Spline e-bike wheels, city night ride

c. DT Swiss

DT Swiss developed their new Hybrid Utility e-bike wheels to adapt much of their recent Hybrid eMTB lineup to the next level of heavy-loaded commuter, touring, and trekking pedal-assist e-bikes. With stronger motors and longer-range heavier batteries, modern touring e-bikes can often take riders much further, with heavier loads, all over rougher terrain. All of that means much more stress on wheels, so DT went back to the drawing board once again to be sure e-bikers get proven DT Swiss durability and trouble-free long-life.

What’s new?

DT Swiss Hybrid Utility HU 1900 Spline e-bike wheels, testing

The biggest tangible difference in the Hybrid Utility wheels is actually their new, higher 180kg /397lb combined bike+rider+luggage system weight limit. That’s up from 150kg for Hybrid eMTB wheels or 110-130kg limits for regular 1900-series MTB wheels.

DT Swiss Hybrid Utility HU 1900 Spline e-bike wheels, 29er rim section

To make that jump, the HU 1900 Spline wheels get newly wide & reinforced alloy rims, with both internal reinforcements at the mid-section and a slightly taller 22mm profile.

Tech details

DT Swiss Hybrid Utility HU 1900 Spline e-bike wheels, Ratchet LN hub

Tech-wise, the wheels feature the same heavy-duty Hybrid hubs as their eMTB counterpart and the same tougher butted, straight-pull Hybrid spokes. Hubs are centerlock disc 370-series in line with the 1900 level MTB wheels, with 18T Ratchet LN star ratchet internals.

DT Swiss Hybrid Utility HU 1900 Spline e-bike wheels, 370 hub

Complete wheels are available for 27.5″ wheels with a larger 35mm inner width or for 29″ wheels with 25mm inner width. Interestingly, DT builds the HU wheels with just 28 spokes from & rear and with their Squorx aluminum nipples, even with the higher system weight limit. But both rims are also available separately, drilled for either 28 or 32 spokes for building custom wheels for even heavier-duty use.

DT Swiss Hybrid Utility – Pricing & Availability

DT Swiss Hybrid Utility HU 1900 Spline e-bike wheels, wheelset

The DT Swiss Hybrid Utility HU 1900 Spline wheels each sell for $391 / 465€ regardless of 27.5 or 29″ size, with complete wheelset weights from 2324g. The wheels are offered with Boost thru-axle or conventional MTB QR axles.

DT Swiss Hybrid Utility HU 1900 Spline e-bike wheels, rims

The hooked tubeless-ready, pinned alloy rims are also available separately on their own for $59 / 39€. The 35mm internal 27.5 U683 rim weighs 730g each. The 25mm internal 29er U623 rim weighs 685g.

DT Swiss Hybrid Utility HU 1900 Spline e-bike wheels, riding

Both rims & complete wheelsets are available today from DT Swiss retailers globally.

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4 months ago

The set sells for $600 putting it as an ok value, but it’s good to see something made specifically for commuters/touring, but the 28 spoke mode is a swing and a miss….

Chris White
4 months ago
Reply to  Dan

DT Swiss probably want to have the slick styling of the straight-pull hub, which means that 28 spokes is the maximum. 32 spokes would need J-bend spokes, which wouldn’t look as cool and they couldn’t charge as much money. Give the rim pricing, it should be easy for your local shop to buy some Shimano XT hubs (or similar) and build a custom 32-hole wheelset for a similar price.

4 months ago
Reply to  Chris White

DT makes 32h straightpull spokes. Also – 28 spoke wheels for commuting aren’t a problem. Alloy nipples are.

4 months ago
Reply to  blablabla

No, they don’t make 32h straight pull hubs.

4 months ago
Reply to  Dan

Spoke count alone is does not determine wheel strength, or even spoke life. Recall that when 32 and 36 spokes were truly industry standard, rims were 21mm wide and low profile. Practically rubber bands.

These are modern, oversized rims, straight pull spokes and built with little regard for light weight (2324g). I expect they’ve done their testing.