Eagles Nest Outfitters launches updated hammocks that could be even better for bikepacking

Eagles Nest Outfitters’ SingleNest and DoubleNest hammocks have been a staple among bikepackers for years for their packability and versatility.

ENO SingleNest Hammock.

ENO SingleNest hammock in Grey/Seafoam.

Unlike tents with rigid poles that can be awkward to mount on a bike, hammocks are an easier to stuff away or clip on to other gear, thus freeing up valuable real estate for fuel or other important gear — provided you’ve got the trees to mount it.

Whether on a bike or not, the brand hopes to stay at the forefront of wilderness-ready hammocks with a new series that keeps the heart of their existing models but brings a few key upgrades that improve ease of use and sustainability.

ENO Print hammock in Boulder, Melon pattern.

ENO DoubleNest Boulder/Melon.

ENO’s latest series of hammocks includes all new SingleNest and DoubleNest hammock options in a wide variety of colors. The DoubleNest also comes in Print and Giving Back styles that feature eye-popping patterns for the outdoorsmen and women who don’t want to blend in to their surroundings.

North Carolina-based ENO says the reimagining of the SingleNest and DoubleNest included a deep dive into the company’s supply chain materials and points of purchase to make sure they are responsibly made.

ENO DoubleNest Print hammock in Tundra/Navy

ENO DoublNest Print in Tundra/Navy.

They are made with breathable, quick-drying nylon approved by Bluesign, which certifies that textiles are safe for the environment, and the people who produce them.

They have all the same features as their predecessors but also add in a crinkle treatment for better packability, an extension to 9.5 feet for a roomier fit, an additional stash pocket on the built-in stuff sack, and hammock-specific carabiners and side-release buckles.

ENO SingleNest hammock packed down.

ENO SingleNest hammocks pack down small, making them ideal for bike packing.

Like their earlier iterations, they can support up to 400 pounds and keep the same weight: 16 ounces for the SingleNest and 19 ounces for the DoubleNest.

A couple mounts and ENO hammock to trees in a forest.

ENO’s new line of SingleNest and DoubleNest hammocks feature an added pocket in the stuff sack to hold gear (which conveniently fits a 12oz can almost perfectly).

The new hammocks are available now online or at retailers. SingleNest hammocks cost MSRP $54.99. DoubleNests go for MSRP $74.95. DoubleNest Print and Giving Back models cost $84.95.


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Rob B
Rob B
8 months ago

They should have given the Single Nest and Double Nest anchor loops for underquilts

Jerry Pilcher
3 months ago

Thanks for the great primer and objective review of the hammock.