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EB14: Exposure Spreads Reflex Incline-Based Output Tech to More Lights, Adds Digital Display & More New Tricks

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Exposure’s high powered mountain bike lights do the usual annual lumen jump, but this time the Reflex technology spreads to the entire line.

Introduced on a single model in 2012, the Reflex tech uses an accelerometer to dim output on the uphills and brighten on the descents. When mounted on a handlebar, it helps save battery when you’re going slower but keep things lit like the day when you’re bombing downhill. For 2015, their four top models all get it, along with higher output:

  • Six Pack – 3200 lumens
  • Maxx D – 2400 lumens
  • Toro – 1800 lumens
  • Race – 1200 lumens

But that’s not the new trick…


New capacitive buttons and LED readouts show which mode you’re in and how much run time is left. The button is like a smartphone screen in that there’s no physically moving button, just touch it and it cycles through the settings.

The Equinox (not shown) comes in at 2000 lumens and gets their wireless remote control, which also shows mode and battery reserve based on LED color codes.

And there’s more new tricks…


For their commuter/helmet light series, mentioned left to right, the Diablo ups output 1300 lumens and Axis to 900 lumens. The big news on those two is that it has a tap-to-change technology that let’s you just tap it anywhere on the body to change modes. You can even set the sensitivity so small rattles on your helmet don’t switch it.

The Joystick jumps to 750 lumens, and the Sirius gets a new lens that diffuses the light at the top of the lens so if you lean over the handlebar and look down it doesn’t blind you.


The Trace and Trace R are 110 lumens for the front and 70 for the rear and are USB rechargeable. Their brightest tail light, the Blaze, is 80 lumens and has a top mounted button that shows battery reserve.


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9 years ago

Totally awesome. Nicely done, Exposure. Now if only you could deal with the problem of light thieves…..

9 years ago

linky no worky.

9 years ago

I love the lights, hate the mounts, esp the helmet mount.

9 years ago

@CBonthe Which mounts do you have an aversion to? My handlebar mounts have been fine.

Also the service from Exposure when my Strada died while bikepacking was excellent.

9 years ago

Unless the light turns off if it’s pointed at horizontal or higher, I’m not interested. If it does though, I’ll buy a dozen gross for all the chuckleheads on the local commuter routes.

9 years ago

Been running my maxx d for 4 years,every week,rain,snow,ice it’s faultless,never let me down.just got a wee one for the helmet,love that now.my mates get the cheap e bay ones which are superb…for the money …for 6 months.

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