Last summer, we tried out the CaffeLatex CO2-inflator-with-sealant combo unit to great effect. Now, they’ve added another easy to transport option to their line with the new 60ml pouch.

Each one is good for a single mountain bike tire or two road tires and comes with a soft hose so you can squeeze it into the tire through the valve stem without breaking the bead’s seal. The pouch design is just a bit lighter than the baby bottles commonly used by other brands, and it’s more flexible as to where it can be stashed. Plus, once it’s used, it takes up virtually no room in your pack or pocket.

Clever as it is, they had plenty more nifty items to make lots of tire setup issues easier and less annoying…



Their new CaffeLatex rim strip stretches around the rim to create an airtight seal. Used in lieu of rim tape, it should cut the time to set up a new wheelset tubeless by, like, 95%. It’s intentionally very tight…


…but it’s also extremely tough. That puncture and stretch resistance means it works great for…


…fat bikes, whose rims are often perforated with massive holes. There’s no adhesive on the strip, it’s all held in place by stretch.


Effetto Mariposa’s offered their Shelter frame protection material for years, but now the kits will come with pre-cut valve stem donuts to quiet any stem rattling. The holes for the stem is slightly smaller than the stem itself, so you’ve got to stretch it through, which holds it firmly in place.


The rest of the kit has shaped pieces for chainstays and spots where cables and hoses may rub the frame for road. Mountain bike kits add downtube protection, or just buy a roll of it and cut to suit.


Their Corogna tubular tape has a soft structure that squishes the glue out as the tire is inflated to provide full, uniform coverage. We covered it in greater detail here.


For it (or any tape/glue) to work best, though, the rim needs to be perfectly clean. For that, they have their Carogna Remover to wipe old glue, mastic and tape off the rim.



  1. boom on

    has anyone used the tubular tape yet? I’m very very intrigued by it and about to pull the trigger for some CX wheels, but curious about how well they work.

  2. RG on

    boom- I just tired it on a set of HED Belgium’s with Racing Ralph’s. Install was easy and it really seemed like it was going to work when trying to roll the tire off by hand. Unfortunately for me, it only made it about 20 minutes before the rear rolled off on a side hill.

  3. lonefrontranger on

    @boom – our techs said they haven’t had the best luck with tubular tape, mainly in that it doesn’t get the same amount of contact surface that a proper glue job would – the lateral torque from CX racing can rip the base tape right off because there’s less glue penetration / absorption as well. idk if this is theory or fact but I have seen a couple of rolled tubs using tape and so far *touch wood* they’ve been secure with the glue jobs our shop guys do.

  4. jeffhenc on

    I’ve used Carogna tape twice now. First on new HED Ardennes rims and new Vittoria XM ‘cross tires. I cleaned both really well and scuffed up the rims, but the tape hardly stuck at all. Tires were easily pulled off with my fingers after a week of sitting. Reglued with Belgian tape and glue… now they’re on for the season.
    Second, I used it on 25 mm wide carbon rims with FMB SuperMuds. These stuck a lot better but after a couple of practise rides I can see that both tires are starting to squirm around on the rim a little so that the tread isn’t centered any more. Don’t think I’ll trust them under race conditions.
    Too bad because installation sure is easy!

  5. jeffhenc on

    Further to my earlier comment, be sure to notice that a roll only does ONE wheel. You need to buy 2 rolls to do a set of tires.

  6. boom on

    @lonefrontranger: yes, I’ve seen plenty of *other* tubular tape doing this – but this one in particular promises to be better and I’m really curious
    @RG: and this was the Effetto Mariposa tape? If so then that is a big bummer 🙁

  7. Colin M on

    Zinn’s success with tubular tape means that he only rolled it once in a race. That dude is constantly messing with his gear and goofy setups.

  8. carbonfodder on

    +1 for MissedThePoint. I have never seen caffelatex sealant actually seal a hole in the wild. That said, the fatbike tape makes my nether regions tingly. I am willing to throw more money at my fatbike if only to save 5 minutes of gorilla tape madness.


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