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If you’re talking clipless pedals, almost all cleat designs have some type of built in float. But with flats, the thought process has probably been along the lines that since your foot isn’t clipped in, it’s allowed to naturally float. However, with aggressively spiked pedals and modern riding shoes that provide tenacious grip, repositioning your feet on the pedals is not so easy.

That’s why Funn felt that perhaps the flat pedal needed some float. Along the same lines as clipless float but in a platform pedal, the Hover is an interesting concept that we may see on the market soon…

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Using technology from RNT Korea, the secret to the Hover pedals is a main full bushing cartridge system that floats on two steel springs. Each spring can be preloaded with Allen bolts on each side of the pedal to make it easier or harder to access all of the 16° of float. From the end of the pedal looking in you can see the tips of the two springs where they meet the main cartridge body. The design allows the pedal axle to swing like a pendulum from the center of the pedal where the round portion is fixed in the outer body.

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You would think that all the extra hardware would make it pretty heavy, but at 224 g per pedal the Hover is surprisingly light considering. These prototypes here have a platform size of 98mm x 100mm x 13.9mm and nine traction pin per side. Funn said they were still working on the design and may add additional sealing to the pedal in the future.

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For a pedal that is less prototype, Funn was showing their new Black Magic platform. Made from fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic, the pedal weighs in at 360 g for the pair. The 103mm x 98mm x 17mm pedal uses a self lubricating DU bushing and cartridge bearing system to keep things spinning. Optional colored pins and Side cap kits will be sold as upgrades. Available in January, the pedals will sell for $55.


  1. Charlie Best on

    That’s actually a pretty cool concept, anyone who has ever 360’d a bike on a regular basis can speak of the rotational load placed on your knee joints, this would reduce that somewhat.

    I like Funn products, always a little different.

  2. Chad MacWhinney on

    Please follow through and bring these to market. My knees are always sore the day after riding flats with agressive pins. When I ride clips they’re fine the next day. Im attributing it to lack of float. Love to try a pair and see if it helps.

  3. Veganpotter on

    Great idea!!! If you’re a flat pedal user and ride aggressively, these things will surely do your knees/ankles a favor along with probably slightly better bike handling

  4. Champs on

    Clipless I get because those shoes are like cast cement around my feet, but I have never been wanting for float with flat pedals. Other shoes give me room to wiggle, but maybe that’s just my narrow feet.

  5. Ripnshread on

    Those would go great with those new generation shoes that are more akin to a rock climbing shoe.
    The hump on the inboard part of the cage seems like it might be a problem but if your not moving your position that much then…why not go clipless?


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