EB15: IRC widens road & mountain bike tires, adds junior sizes and a prototype fat bike tire


Between the two trade shows this fall, IRC had quite a collection of wider tires. Starting with the pavement, their Formula Pro Light tubeless ready road bike tire gets a new 25mm width. And the rainbow collection of colored Jetty tires, shown below, gets an even larger 700 x 28 option. Those are aimed more at the urban crowd and come in a whopping eight different colors.

The mountain bike tires get a wide, wider and really wide option, one for each wheel size, and the juniors get a couple of road and mountain bike tires just for them, too!



The Serac CX comes to Europe. It’s meant as a dry or sandy conditions tire only, and we spoke with one sponsored rider at Cross Vegas that used it there for the fast, grassy track and said it worked quite well.


We love seeing high end options available to our mini-mes, and the Aspite road is just that with a 120tpi casing, 90psi rating and 175g weight for 24″ road bikes.


For mountain bikes, they now have a well-knobbed Mibro 24 x 2.1.


For us bigger kids, the Mythos 29×2.25 is new wider size than original 2.1, and it’s lighter, too! The old tubeless ready bead was different and the tire casing was thicker. This one gets a more optimized bead shape and a thinner casing. It’s a competition model, so that weight savings comes at the expense of toughness against sidewall cuts and tears.


Weight is just 595g, retail is TBD but will be around €50 or $60. Available spring 2016.


Mibro X gets a 27.5″ option in a big 2.4 width. It’s a tube type tire aimed at the enduro crowd. The tread pattern is modified from the marathon XC 29er version to make the knobs much larger and more widely spaced.


This one has a standard sidewall, but they’re working on a variation that’ll have a reinforced sidewall, too. Weight is TBD. If there’s demand, they’ll develop a tubeless ready version.


This 26×4.0 fat bike prototype gets an all purpose tread pattern that’ll work equally well on snow and sand.


Target weight is 1470g with a steel wire bead. It’s a tube type tire only, which they did because they say tubes work better than tubeless when temps drop below freezing.


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6 years ago

It looks like there are still no Japanese fatbike tires 🙁

6 years ago

“Mibro X gets a 27.5″ option in a big 2.4 width. It’s a tube type tire aimed at the enduro crowd… If there’s demand, they’ll develop a tubeless ready version.”

guys, you know it’s 2015. Let me ask: has anyone who’s ever purchased a 27×2.4″ tire wanted to run tubes? That tread looks like it could work for me, but making ‘enduro’ tires tube-only seems really out of touch.

6 years ago

I second what “i” said above! I mean, tubes on the Mibro? Really?

To balance out the criticism though, the same does not go for the fatbike tire though. Tubes seem to still make sense there, so they got that right. And that is also a pretty awesome weight on the Mythos!

6 years ago

Standard offering in just about any mountain and cross tire should be tubeless ready, even the budget conscious models. Tube-type should be for…. well, nothing. Don’t even make em.

6 years ago

i +1
The normally innovative IRC of all folks, wtf?

6 years ago

Tuber in the fat bike? Don’t they do real world testing? It’s just not as good. And, and, and…they aren’t only ridden in the snow. Come on folks.