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EB16: EVOC puts The Bike Stand in their bags, so your bike travels safe & easy

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EVOC is known for making one of the best travel bags to lug your mountain bike along with you as you jet set from one international bike park to the next. But even with the right bag it takes a good bit of time to break your bike down, and with so many different axle standards floating around, unless you got lucky when you bought your travel bag, you’d end up having to hobble something together to really get your mountain bike properly strapped in for its journey. Those worries are gone now though as EVOC created The Bike Stand, a new freestanding rail that secures your ride by the droputs, no matter what axle standard you roll on. Take a closer look and see how modular parts will have you bike packed faster and more securely than ever before, all after the break…


The Bike Stand lets you pick and choose from 20 individual parts to adjust your travel bag for your bike. Whether it is a road, cross, tri, XC, enduro, or DH bike, EVOC thinks they’ve got you covered. A two-piece aluminum rail forms the backbone of the Bike Stand, and has a pair of hub-grabbing feet that attach to it. The front hub/foot is fixed and the rear hub/foot slides so you adjust the stand to your bike’s wheelbase. With three axle positions on each foot the system provides compatibility for 10 front axle variants and 6 rear axle types. EVOC says that make the Bike Stand work with more than 95% of the axle standard they’ve encountered on the market.

evoc-the-bike-stand_modular-bike-travel-case-packing-support_front-foot evoc-the-bike-stand_modular-bike-travel-case-packing-support_rear-foot

Once setup the first time for your bike, all you need all you need to do is shift to the smallest cog, remove the wheels, and put it in the Bike Stand using its regular axles. Just slide the adapters you need is as you go, and that’s it. (Put the others aside for when you buy a new bike and need to change your setup again.) Pull the bars and pedals off to slide the Bike Stand into your waiting travel case, and you’re off to the airport.


The Bike Stand supports 5mm quick release, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm axles, and 100mm or 110mm spacing at the front; and 5×130 quick release, 12×135, 12×142, 12×148, 12×150 & 12x157mm thru-axles at the rear.

The stand adds 1400g to the total weight of your travel case and will sell for 120€, separate of a travel case. The Bike Stand is 125 x 26.5 x 27 cm. It was specifically designed to be an add-on for the Bike Travel Bag or Bike Travel Bag Pro, but will likely fit in some other full size travel cases as well.


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7 years ago

Doesn’t look like this attaches to the bottom of their Travel Bag/Pro in any way. I liked the previous frame that sat along the inner edge of the bottom of the bag, making it very stable. It was also lighter at 1,100g. Only for QR road bikes though, which is probably the reason this new one exists.

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