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EB16: Lighter, more compact EVOC Photop packs get camera gear deep into the woods

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Many professional photographers have relied on the modular camera packs from EVOC to haul their gear and lenses around on photo shoots. But while we’ve seen some adventurous pros take to the trails to get some great shots with giant EVOC bags on their backs, it was not really a solution for proper trail riding, and certainly not for any amateur photography. But now as high quality cameras have become more accessible, EVOC has taken their security and designed-in modularity to cradle your camera gear like a pro and put it into two new smaller backpacks that can actually be ridden far from the parking lot to get those epic shots. The Photop 16l & 22l will likely meet the needs of both amateur and professional photographers alike, who are looking to get out into the wild with their DSLR and System cameras, plus a bit of ride gear and hydration…

Photop 22l

evoc_photop-22l_compact-modular-on-the-bike-pro-camera-backpack_studio-open evoc_photop-22l_compact-modular-on-the-bike-pro-camera-backpack_removed-camer-block-9l

The two packs aren’t cheap if you compare them with other on-the-bike backpacks. But when you think about how much you’ve just spent on a new camera and how much built-in protection that the Photop’s include, they’re probably a good deal. The bigger Photop 22l sells for 200€ and weighs 1550g. It includes the new Camera Block 9l (26.5 x 20 x 12 cm) designed for a full size DSLR with an attached lens.

Both bags share EVOC’s Neutralite suspension system that is designed to securely fasten heavy packs to your back while distributing the load onto your hips. That keeps a loaded down camera pack from bouncing around on the trail, but also works with their mesh vented back to keep it bearable lugging camera equipment into the backcountry. The Photops also take the shape of a roll-top pack, which lets you cinch them down when not overly full, but still offering expanded carrying capacity

Photop 16l

evoc_photop-16l_compact-modular-on-the-bike-pro-camera-backpack_roll-top evoc_photop-16l_compact-modular-on-the-bike-pro-camera-backpack_open-camera-block-3l

The smaller Photop 16l weighs 1270g and sells for 180€. It comes equipped with one of the smaller Camera Block 3l inserts (13 x 17 x 9 cm) that is designed around a System camera plus a spare lens, or for a full-size DSLR body or lens separately. The benefit then of the smaller pack is that you can add a second Camera Block 3l on the other side to haul even more gear.


The modular Camera Blocks are the probably the hallmark of the two bags. Building in the padding and adjustable dividers to protect your gear, they are modular and can get pulled out to be used separately as a small portable camera case. But inserted in the sleeves incorporated to each of the Photop packs, they offer quick access to your cameras, often without having to take off the backpack. That means fast setup of epic photos with your buddies, or less rummaging around and time wasted on your photo shoots.

Both Photop packs build in external attachment points for tripods, a padded sleeve inside for a notebook, and a compartment to haul a 3l hydration pack. They also provide storage for your other riding gear, like snacks and extra clothing above the Camera Blocks, with a zip in separator flap that lets the bags double as a daypack if you aren’t hauling your camera gear. Both bags are available in either EVOC’s low-key heather patterned slate green or bright red with blue and black accents, and both include and an integrated rain fly to keep your gear safe when the weather turns foul.


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7 years ago

or you can buy a fstop bag . i own 3 different ones . perfect

Johnny Hall
7 years ago
Reply to  Ayyggss

If you can get hold of one – aren’t F-stop in a mess right now?

7 years ago

I have the Evoc Photoscout / CP18, a bit more burly than the Photop 22. I really like the side-zip access – I can roll up, pull out the camera with one hand and be shooting without having to take the backpack off. Most good-quality photo bags have the back-panel access, but the addition of the side access is super handy on the bike if you’re shooting on the go.

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