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EB16: New GPS Line highlights Lezyne Y10, Digital Pumps and upgraded lights shine as well

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If you need an indication of just how far Lezyne has come in their 10 years as a tool/accessory brand, their Y10 collection is a good place to start. Almost every product highlighted includes some sort of electronics with their second generation of GPS computers serving as the crown jewel. That’s quite a contrast from their original yet still ground breaking hand pumps with integrated hoses from Y1.

Now, with a large chunk of their line featuring some kind of batter, Lezyne is charging into 2017 with 5 new GPS computers, updated lights, and a few hand pumps which continue to evolve with digital displays…



When Lezyne first introduced a line of GPS computers, it was almost completely unexpected as a company known for tools and then lights jumped into the world of computers. Their first run of GPS computers was good, but there were clear areas for improvement, which brings us to the Y10 collection. Featuring 5 new GPS units with two versions also available as watches, the GPS units now include a barometer for enhanced GPS accuracy as well as an accelerometer to help save battery life. One of the biggest improvement is the addition of turn by turn directions and Strava Live segments which can all be controlled through the new Ally 2.0 app for both iOS and Android(note, if you have the previous Ally app downloaded on your phone, only the new 2.0 app will work with the Y10 GPS units, and has to be downloaded separately).

Based on our experience with the first generation, these should provide some of the most robust GPS units on the market, and our initial impressions lead us to believe the functionality has been drastically improved, especially when it comes to connecting it with your phone. All of this in one of the smallest packages with the Micro, and claimed best in class battery life with the Super (24hrs), there is also a colored screen option on the Micro C, as well as wrist mounted Micro C and Micro GPS options. All GPS units use the same X-Lock mount as the Y9 collection which at the moment makes after market mounts fairly limited, but we’ve heard at least from one company that Lezyne mounts are on the way. For complete GPS specs, check out the Y10 catalog, here. Perhaps most impressive, is the fact that the Super GPS added a ton of features, and yet is now $50 less.


lezyne-gps-y10-lights-ktv-pumps-digital-gaugeeurobike-2016-119 lezyne-gps-y10-lights-ktv-pumps-digital-gaugeeurobike-2016-121

Lezyne may have started off with the precursors to the current Pressure and Alloy drive, but they weren’t like this. The new Digital Road, Pressure, and Alloy Drive hand pumps all use the same accurate digital gauge used in their floor pumps, but built into a compact hand pump for road and off road use. Pressures are rated to 160, 120, and 90psi respectively, and each pump uses an integrated ABS Flex hose for presta or schrader valves.


lezyne-gps-y10-lights-ktv-pumps-digital-gaugeeurobike-2016-123 lezyne-gps-y10-lights-ktv-pumps-digital-gaugeeurobike-2016-124

lezyne-gps-y10-lights-ktv-pumps-digital-gaugeeurobike-2016-128 lezyne-gps-y10-lights-ktv-pumps-digital-gaugeeurobike-2016-132


Lezyne’s lights also get a boost this year with more lumens in super small packages. The Deca Drive 1500XXL (above right) packs a ludicrous 1500 lumens (Overdrive setting for 1:40) into an incredibly small stand alone package. At this rate, separate battery packs for most riders will be a thing of the past. Similar boosts in light output are found throughout the range and Lezyne’s ‘to be seen’ KTV Drive series gets a serious update as well. The redesigned lights feature a co-molded rubber waterproof body with rubber band attachment and built in USB stick charging. The rear light includes built in ridges to make it compatible with aero seat posts, and both lights are available in 4 colors with 70 lumen front and 11 lumen rear illumination.

Finally, the Femto Duo combines both a front and a rear light into one unit that fastens to your helmet. Powered by two CR2032 batteries, the light puts off 15 lumens in the front and 7 lumens out back with a 60 hour run time and a super light 50g package.



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