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EB16: Tune’s wheels get wider, still wicked light; plus a 115g handlebar & more new goods

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Tune’s legendarily lightweight carbon wheels get a number of updates and new models for 2017. Across the board, the carbon rim brake wheels get a new resin in the brake track for better heat management. The Skyliner wheels (above) grow 4.6mm wider, now at 24.6mm for both clincher and tubular (outside width). That added about 60g to the wheelset, but they’re stiffer and complete wheel weights with Mig45 and Mag150 hubs are just 930g (tubular) and 1185g (clincher). The alloy version also gets a wider rim, now at 21mm inside and with an asymmetric profile to make it stiffer.

Not shown, new disc Schwarzbrenner wheels now have a disc specific rim, so no more brake track to clutter up appearances. After additional testing, the Airways Disc gets approval for gravel and CX, not just smooth pavement…



The Black Burner Skyline wheelset is now available and comes in at just 1,209g thanks to a 290g 29er rim that’s 24mm wide inside. Lest you think its weight means its fragile, pro racer Sabine Spitz and her team won the TransAlp with it.


On top, the new Black Burner Plus carbon wheel provides a light weight option for 27.5+ riders. Underneath, the Trail Rider and Enduro alloy wheels get new, tougher and wider rims. Not shown, there’s also a new Alchemist Adventure wheelset with a 230kg rider weight limit built on Tune’s hubs and Alchemist’s wild carbon rims.


Tune’s upsized to a 35mm clamp diameter stem. It will initially come in 35mm and 50mm lengths, weight is 119g (35mm). Fitting inside it is a new 12º sweep, 750mm wide handlebar that’s an amazing 115g.


The new Porteur Garmin/Di2 junction box mount attaches to the front of the stem faceplate with longer bolts. Weight is just 26g.


The Babo is a new inset headset that comes in at just 91g. Not shown, there are now Boost-sized cranks, hubs and thru axles.



As usual, Tune decorated their booth with some excellent furniture made from bicycle parts.


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7 years ago

230kg weight limit….? That’s a 500-pound dude! They’re either overbuilt like crazy or that’s a typo and should be 230-pounds.

7 years ago
Reply to  FlyinArmenian

230 pounds is 104kg

7 years ago

230kg x 10Nm/s gravity…
Other forces includes.
F=ma… pot holes, cross, braking, bank/angle, spoke tensions and etc…
Safety margin..

Sounds about right to me.

7 years ago
Reply to  TrustMe

I can’t trust you until you correct your units for the acceleration of gravity. As it stands your calculation gives a momentum of 2.3 micro kg-m/s.

7 years ago
Reply to  TrustMe

Bro, maybe go back and read Principia again. Gravity is an acceleration.

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