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EB18: Bryton Aero 60 & Rider GPS range add true maps, boosts value

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Bryton’s GPS devices already offered surprising value with longer battery life, fast satellite location, good connectivity, and large easy-to-read displays in an affordable package. Now with two new Rider 410 & 450 devices and a new Aero 60, Bryton has upped their game with better connectivity, OSM basemaps, and a new aero design, all while retaining competitive pricing.

Bryton Aero 60 aero optimized GPS cycling computer

Starting with a large 2.3″ display, a shape slightly smaller than their larger Rider range, and three more physiccal buttons for more intuitive navigation, Bryton’s new Aero 60 gets a new case with a dimpled aero bottom and all-new mount interface design to tuck the computer lower, with its mount more out of the wind. To do so, the Aero 60 ditches the more universal 1/4 turn mount (that was semi-compatible with some Garmin mounts) in favor of a slide/click to lock out-front mount that is included with the new GPS.

New Tech Details

Inside the Aero 60 the biggest update is that the device now includes true basemapping thanks to pre-loaded OSM map data. Bryton stuck with the non-touch, monochromatic display which makes the maps a bit more simplified than we are used to, but still very high contrast and easy to read. Doing so also allowed them to retain a claimed 32 hour battery life, one of the big Bryton device selling points for endurance & ultra endurance athletes. With the new maps you can also plan routes and get turn-by-turn navigation as well.

Another update in the Aero 60 is better connectivity. The device now works with both ANT+ & BLE sensors (while previous Bryton’s has both technologies for communication, but only one for sensors), although according to spec sheets it will only work with ANT+ power meters. In addition to sensors, the new device will also connect to Di2, eTap & EPS electronic shift system. It can also deliver smart notification, transfer data over Bluetooth & WiFi, and be auto synced with Strava, Training Peaks & Selfloops. The new device also adds a couple more location technologies to the standard GPS, GLONASS & Galileo, now also including BeiDou & QZSS for faster more accurate tracking worldwide.

The Aero 60 E starts at 200€ with just the aero out-front mount. Or you can get a C bundle for 220€ that adds a cadence sensor, or the 270€ T bundle that includes the mount, a heartrate monitor, and dual cadence & speed sensors.

Additional out-front mounts are also possible. Bryton is moving away from including their plastic out-front mount with Rider unit bundles, instead moving to alloy mounts available separately. The new mounts come in standard 31.8mm clamps or direct mount versions for integrated cockpits, and are available both for the standard 1/4 turn or the new Aero click mount.

Bryton Rider 450 affordable, advanced GPS cycling computer

If you aren’t looking for those tiny aero gains, or want to use your existing bike mounts,  the new Bryton Rider 450 offers ALL of the same performance updates in a slightly lower cost package. It is really the exact same device with Bryton’s standard 1/4 turn mount, and sells for 180€ with just a rubber o-ring mount.

Bryton Rider 410 affordable, connected GPS cycling computer

The new Rider 410 again shares the same display & device case and gets many of the internal performance updates, but leaves off the base maps. You can still follow along on a breadcrumb track, and get battery life extended up to 35 hours, but with no OSM mapping you lose the turn-by-turn navigation.

The big connectivity updates are still there so you will locate satellites faster, connect to all of the sensors, autosync to Strava, and get smart notifications. But for cost cutting it looks like data transfer happens only over Bluetooth, and somehow you lose electronic drivetrain communication. Like the rest of Bryton’s newest generation of devices, you can still do a fair bit of customizing the many data fields and data pages via the Bryton App or directly on the device.

The corner cutting on the Rider 410 brings its base price down to just 130€ with the basic o-ring bike mount. Add in cadence for 150€, heartrate for 170€, or both for 190€.


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5 years ago

“The new Rider 410 again shares the same display & device case and gets many of the internal performance updates, but leaves off the base maps. You can still follow along on a breadcrumb track.”

Is the breadcrumb-track-navigation on board really?

4 years ago
Reply to  Daniel

Hi you found out about navigation bryton 410?

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