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EB18: Repente brings light, modular saddle concept down in price w/ Prime & Spyd

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Just last fall Repente debuted their Italian-made modular Repente Locking System (RLS) that snapped interchangeable saddle top shapes onto a standard carbon saddle base. Now they are back with a much more affordable molded carbon composite base and two new nylon tops that make for light, adaptable complete saddles.

Repente RLS carbon reinforced RP-Base saddle shell

new PA base left, existing Carbon base right

The heart of Repente’s concept is the modular base that combines carbon rails and a structure to support the saddle top & padding. Last year’s full carbon base will set you back 200€, but this new one made from reinforced thermoplastic will only cost 118€.

new PA base bottom, existing Carbon base top

The new shell still gets full UD carbon rails, but the structure of the shell is now made from a long carbon fiber reinforced Tepex polyamide composite than can be injection co-molded over a woven carbon base, making it easier (& cheaper) to manufacture. You add a few grams, but save a bunch of cash.

The new more affordable shell still works with the previous system, and get the same overall shell design with reinforced nose, side edges, and loop closed tail. So you can use the existing 120-130€ composite shelled Aleena, Comptus & Kuma padded tops with the same easy to use snap clips. Or now you can also add in a couple of nylon shelled tops that are much cheaper, and almost as light.

Repente Prime anatomic cutout saddle top

The new Prime saddle top features a full cutout shape combining thin polyurethane foam padding with a reinforced nylon base to sit on top of the new reinforced PA shell & carbon rails. At a claimed 165g for the new, more affordable combo, it actually was a bit lighter at 158g on our scale.

The new Prime top sells for 78€ on its own (vs. 129€ for the comparable composite shell Aleena top), plus the cost of the required base.

Repente Spyd anatomic channel saddle top

The new Spyd features similar tech with a nylon base and thin polyurethane padding, but gets a simple closed design with an anatomic channel cut most of the length of the saddle top. At a claimed 170g with the reinforced PA base, again it was a bit lighter on our scale at 163g.

The new Spyd is now the lowest priced padded top from Repente at 68€ (vs. 119€ for the comparable composite shell Comptus top), and can also be paired with either the prior Carbon base or the new reinforced PA base.

Made in Italy, the generally flat in profile Prime & Spyd both are each available in white or black microfiber tops with a few different low-key graphics designs for each. The saddle tops will be available on their own later this summer (and can be mounted to an existing Carbon base if you already have a Repente saddle system) or you can buy them with the new reinforced PolyAmide base for 196€ & 186€ respectively.

Repente also has a new 35€ line of super tacky bar tapes that they claim are more durable, scuff resistant, and longer lasting than other comparable tapes on the market. The 3mm synthetic tape is available in black, white, and red to match the saddle, or a bright blue.


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