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Electric Carbon Fiber Bicycle Concept With Crazy Advanced Features, and it’s Real

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Developed by designer Ralf Kittmann, the HMK 651 Electric “Motorcycle” doesn’t actually have pedals, but it’s minimal shape and size more closely resembles a bicycle than a motorcycle.

The all carbon body takes electronic management well ahead of other e-bikes, using the carbon itself to carry the current, and because it’s lighter, it takes less power to move the bike.  The twin wheels (two per axle) use the power to move forward, then capture energy during braking.  The designers’ site suggests (based on Google’s translation) that the carbon filaments act as a capacitor, storing the excess energy and inductively charging while the bike is stopped.

Additionally, because the entire body of the bike is carrying an electrical signal, onboard equipment can monitor the condition of the frame and alert the owner of any problems.

Think it’s too far fetched to ever be manufactured?  Tell that to the real, actual bike right after the break…


The power also handles lights.  The foot pegs seem kinda high, no?



YankoDesign states that the wheels are driven via a counter rotating axle against the right-side wheel rather than gears.  Note the rear suspension supporting the axle beam.


Front suspension, too.

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14 years ago

Looks clean, but those foot pegs look a little on the high side. Really can’t picture how someone could sit on that thing without their knees in their chest/face.

14 years ago

i’d say calling a painted model a “real” bike is stretching things a little bit. it does look neat though

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