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Elevety finalizes their Domio micro-vibration helmet audio device

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Elevety Domio on full face

Listening to music while you ride can be very motivating, but it isn’t the safest idea to block out all sounds from your surroundings while ripping through the trails or around the city. Toronto, Canada’s Elevety seeks to solve that problem with their micro-vibration audio device, which sends sound waves to your inner ear through your helmet’s shell.

Bikerumor first checked out the Domio at Interbike last fall, where we saw the original version and a prototype Domio Pro. However, the product seems to have been refined into a single model since then. Elevety is also now offering an optional wireless microphone that allows you to control your smartphone through the device for hands-free operation…

Elevety Domio, two shot

The Domio is a micro-vibration audio device that transmits sound through reverberations on your helmet. Using Elevety’s Vibro-Audio technology the vibrations pass through the helmet’s rigid shell and are interpreted by your inner ear. The device works with any kind of helmet including full-faces, open faced skateboard-style lids, or skiing/snowboarding helmets. Even heavily vented helmets work fine, as long as there’s a flat spot to stick the device to.

There are two benefits to micro-vibration audio versus traditional headphones or wireless speakers. For one, your music (or phone conversation) can only be heard inside the helmet so it won’t bother people around you. Also, as opposed to earbuds or headphones integrated into helmet padding the Domio leaves the ears open so you can still hear noises from your surroundings.

Elevety Domio, app screens

The Domio links to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and is compatible with Android and iOS. With the optional WhisperNC wireless microphone (NC stands for noise cancellation), users can dictate voice-to-text messages, make or take phone calls, and utilize your phone’s voice activated commands for hands-free operation. Elevety has also created a smart calibration app, so you can set up the Domio to provide optimal sound quality based on the type of helmet you’re wearing and activity you’re doing.

Elevety Domio, mount

The Domio measures 2.1” in diameter by 1” thick, and it hits the scale at 180g. There is a single control button in the middle of the unit, and the rubber side ring acts as a volume control. The body is waterproof, and the unit operates in temperatures down to -20c. It has also been drop tested to 6’ so it should survive non-severe impacts. The internal battery lasts 8 hours, and charges via Micro-USB.

The Domio clips into a low-profile mount which is affixed to your helmet with 3M adhesive tape, and you get two mounts in the box. Color choices are either white or black.

Elevety Domio, WhisperNC microphones
*Photos courtesy of Elevety

The WhisperNC microphone measures 1” x ¾” and weighs 30g. It comes with a smart clip that attaches to your helmet or goggle strap and an adhesive mount to stick it directly to your helmet. The microphone features one control button on its outer surface.

Like the Domio, the mic is waterproof and operates in the same temperature range. Battery life is the same at 8 hours, and it also charges via micro-USB. The WhisperNC is available in grey, black or yellow.

The Domio retails for approx. $95 USD alone or $118 with the WhisperNC microphone. The mic can also be purchased separately for $36. The Domio and WhisperNC should be available at retailers this summer.


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Peter J. Sirman
6 years ago

Music while cycling doesn’t mix. If you can hear music you are missing something else and without a car around you, you have zero protection from the things you can’t hear due to music.

Ryan S.
Ryan S.
6 years ago

Music mixes well with my cycling. Not everyone has to deal with traffic, pedestrians, other cyclists, etc.

6 years ago

How impact resistant is it? How strong is the mounting adhesive? In an crash, will it affect how the helmet slides enough to compromise safety?

Otherwise, seemss like a neat idea.

Raymond Epstein
Raymond Epstein
6 years ago

Keep it simple…Far End Gear’s shortbud stereo to mono ear bud works great. You can hear everything around you as well as your music and it’s a steal. All the while no one else has to hear what you are listening to. No matter how killer your music is, no one else wants to hear it. http://farendgear.com/shortbuds/

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