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Eminent Haste mountain bike gets 29er overhaul with all-trail & enduro options

Eminent Haste enduro trail mountain bike, drop-in
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The Eminent Haste is back and better than ever, with bigger wheels, a completely revamped high-pivot suspension design, new floating shock linkage, idler pulley, and two travel options so you can pick either an all-mountain trail bike or a full-fledged enduro slayer. The Haste was Eminent’s first mountain bike, and in the five years since, they’ve continued to progress, and have now refined their original and unique enduro mountain bike…

Eminent Haste enduro trail mountain bike

Eminent Haste enduro trail mountain bike, complete
c. Eminent

Originally debuted five years ago with a unique four-bar, floating shock suspension design with the longest rocker we’ve ever seen 160mm of travel & 27.5″ wheels, the Eminent Haste is back with bigger 29″ wheels and revamped suspension that drops the pierced seattube in favor of both longer & shorter travel and more technical trail versatility with an adjustable floating shock linkage and new flip-chip adjustability.

Eminent Haste enduro trail mountain bike, riding

Eminent says they saw the Haste as their ultimate enduro shredder from the start, and now after developing a versatile multi-travel Onset trail bike, the Haste gets its own “Enduro Trail killer” reincarnation.

What’s new?

Eminent Haste enduro trail mountain bike, rear end

The full-carbon Haste 2.0 has an all-new High Pivot Active Float System. You still get the unique 4-bar design with the rear axle positioned in the short rear link and an effective rocker link extended as seatstays. But now Eminent has moved the main pivot even higher and shifted the floating lower shock mount to a new lower linkage.

Eminent Haste enduro trail mountain bike, suspension detail

The new design does add quite a bit more complexity with a floating lower shock link between the chainstay & seattube. But this new floating link also manages to isolate the shock from any of the rear end’s movement for smooth shock stroke, while allowing Eminent to give the haste two rear wheel travel options – MT 160mm or LT 140mm (each paired to 10mm more fork travel).

It also means an uninterrupted seattube that allows for long travel stealth dropper seatposts.

Eminent Haste enduro trail mountain bike, idler pulley & floating link
MT vs. LT

The high pivot combined with a new idler pulley is said to result in a more rearward axle path – letting the rear wheel move back up to 15mm to roll over obstacles, before resetting for the next big hit. It also is said to allow for a more progressive 3-phase suspension kinematic with improved pedaling and descending – plus “amazing mid-stroke performance and strong bottom-out support”.

Eminent Haste enduro trail mountain bike, frameset

The result is also that the rocker/seatstays & chainstays become almost parallel, so the rear axle link and rear axle move almost vertically, which helps with braking, too.

Eminent Haste enduro trail mountain bike, angled

Thus, the new design also decouples the rear brake entirely from suspension, now mounted entirely on the rear link dropout plates of the 4-bar for a claimed “zero brake-induced suspension compression”, aka no brake jack in combination with the new high-pivot. That’s a little bit different to the OG Haste & Onset, which mounted the brake to this rear link AND the chainstay.

Updated, adjustable Enduro geometry

Eminent Haste enduro mountain bike geometry
Eminent Haste enduro bike geometry

The new Haste MT (170mm front/160mm rear) gets a slack 64° head angle and newly steeper 77° seat angle to fly both downhill and back up again. But it also adds a simple, trailside adjustable flip-chip at the upper shock mount to make it 0.5° slacker for riders looking to ride even more technical terrain.

Eminent Haste trail mountain bike geometry
Eminent Haste MT trail bike geometry

In its shorter travel trail-guise, the Haste LT (150mm front/140mm rear) gets one-degree steeper and about one centimeter longer in frame Reach for improved handling on longer climbs.

The carbon frame is available for now in three sizes M, L & XL, with a fourth small bike coming soon.

Tech details

Eminent Haste enduro trail mountain bike, angled rear

The full UD carbon Haste features double row angular contact bearings at its main pivots for extra durability and stiffness, plus rubber frame protectors and multiple bottle/tool cage mounts inside the frame. And it uses SuperBoost 157mm rear hub spacing for stronger, stiffer rear wheels. That wide rear end also gets a special keyed axle to “lock the two dropout plates together” for improved torsional stiffness at the floating rear link of the 4-bar design.

Eminent Haste enduro trail mountain bike, frame details

The new Eminent Haste is 29er-only as of today, but another new bit coming soon is a set of Mullet compatible drop-out plates that will be soon sold separately, which shorter the chainstay length by 10mm and allow the use of a 27.5″ rear wheel while maintaining the rest of the bike’s geometry.

A 200mm rear brake adapter is also coming soon.

Eminent Haste 2.0 – Pricing, availability & options

Eminent Haste enduro trail mountain bike, Pro LT complete
2022 Eminent Haste LT Pro

The new 29″ wheeled Eminent Haste comes in two rear-wheel travel options – MT 160mm & LT 140mm – with three stock build kits available now for each, and Gray/Red or Forest/Mint color choices. All feature Shimano 1×12 drivetrains, Fox suspension & Crankbrothers wheels.

Eminent Haste enduro trail mountain bike, Pro MT complete
2022 Eminent Haste MT Pro

Complete bikes start at $5999 for Comp level builds withSLX/Deore, or $100 more in the longe travel variant.

Then $7300 Advanced builds with XT & Perfromance Elite level suspension upgrades, $200 more in MT guise.

And Eminent tops out with $9400 Pro LT builds or $9600 Pro MT builds, spec’d with XTR, Factory suspension, and carbon wheels.

Eminent Haste enduro trail mountain bike, corner


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Deputy Dawg
Deputy Dawg
2 years ago


1 year ago

I rode this last weekend as a demo. It was wild. Saved me from a few crashes with it’s crazy travel. Glued to the ground. Pedaling was not bad. I was impressed. Wish it wasn’t $6k-$10k

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