New ENVE SLR saddle builds on proven Selle Italia tech

ENVE has two new Boost SLR saddles in two widths each that subtly tweak Selle Italia tech (and naming order) to cater to ENVE’s own on and off-road clientele. Pick from either a lightweight full carbon shell & rails or a reinforced nylon shell & titanium rails to keep prices down without adding much weight. In fact, ENVE’s short SLRs are essentially the same weight as the Selle Italias +/- a few grams, but are the same price or even cheaper than their Italian analogs…

ENVE x Selle Italia Boost SLR saddles

ENVE x Selle Italia Boost SLR saddles, classic shape


ENVE says that when it came time for a collaboration to develop their own saddles, it was a pretty obvious choice to partner with Selle Italia. It’s hard to beat the “experience, tradition, and expertise” of Selle Italia who have been making performance cycling saddles “far longer than anyone else” since 1897. And the lightweight short-fit Selle Italia SLR Boost Superflow saddle was a great starting point as it is such a trusted saddle across multiple disciplines.

So how are ENVE’s Boost SLR saddles different?

Tech details

ENVE x Selle Italia Boost SLR saddles, new Soft-Tek top

It’s really only the saddle tops that set ENVE Boost SLR saddles apart from the original Selle Italia SLRs. The ENVE saddles use a softer but still durable Soft-Tek polyurethane cover that is usually found only on lower-end Selle Italia saddles, possibly adding a few extra grams? But it allowed ENVE to create a customized perforation layout across the top of their Boost SLR saddles, and more subtle black-on black branding.

ENVE x Selle Italia Boost SLR saddles, carbon or ti rails

Underneath the rest of the tech is all the same, with the same 248mm long profile, full-length Superflow ergonomic cutout, and two options for either 130mm or 145mm widths.

The ENVE x Selle Italia Boost SLR saddles are available in carbon or ti rails…

(By the way, if you want something a bit more exotic, Selle Italia is making the SLR with a 3D-printed padded top now, too.)

ENVE SLR saddles – Pricing, options & availability

ENVE x Selle Italia Boost SLR saddles, carbon

ENVE x Selle Italia Boost SLR Carbon

The $400 carbon saddles feature made-in-Italy Kit Carbino 7x9mm carbon/ceramic oval rails and injection-molded carbon composite shell. Claimed weights are 130.5/134g (130/145mm widths) or about 5-8g heavier than the same-priced Selle Italia SLR Boost Kit Carbino Superflow.

ENVE x Selle Italia Boost SLR saddles, titanium

ENVE x Selle Italia Boost SLR Ti

The $275 ti saddles feature 7mm round titanium rails and a carbon-reinforced molded nylon shell. Claimed weights are 161/165g (130/145mm) or 1-3g heavier than the Selle Italia SLR Boost Ti 316 Superflow that costs twenty-five bucks more than the ENVE.

ENVE x Selle Italia Boost SLR saddles, carbon or ti rails

Both rail options in both sizes are available now, from:

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9 days ago

In the real market, Selle Italia would be cheaper.
Selle Italia rarely sold at MSRP. But Enve strictly enforce MSRP price.

9 days ago
Reply to  Hexsense


5 days ago

What’s the purpose of the perforations in the cover? Do the perforations expose the foam underneath or is there no secondary layer underneath the cover with this material?