Selle Italia adds 122g short-fit SLR Boost road saddle range & Iron Evo tri saddle

The SLR is one of the most iconic saddles in the range of an iconic saddle brand – Selle Italia. While it’s a favorite for many, more riders are moving to shorter anatomic-style saddles, and now the SLR is available in a range of new options. The best part? They claim it’s the lightest short-fit saddle on the market, at 122 grams. In addition, they officially rolled out some new options for the tri and TT crowd with the Iron Evo line.

Selle Italia SLR Boost short road saddle range

Selle Italia isn’t new to ergonomic saddles, with their SLR Superflow as a popular option. However, more and more road saddles are getting shorter front-to-back, intended for aggressive road positions or even TT/tri use. Case-in-point, the new SLR Boost is more than 25mm shorter than the traditional SLR, at 248mm in total length. It doesn’t hurt that it’s only 122 grams in its lightest trim, either.

The SLR Boost range has a wide cutout and is available in two widths (130 & 145mm). No news has been released on color options, but for now we know that Henry Ford black is available (with red accents). The gloss line on the side indicates the position of the Biomechanical Reference Point – the point where the saddle width reaches 70mm.

Rails can be had in either carbon fiber, titanium, or manganese, depending on the level of the saddle chosen.

Check out this short video from Selle Italia, showing the features of the SLR Boost range.

The SLR Boost is available now. Details of the four different levels can be found here:

SLR Boost Kit Carbonio Superflow

– Weight: S 132 g / L 139 g (Fill), S 122 g / L 129 g (superflow)
– Cover: Fibra-Tek
– Sizes: S 130 x 248 mm / L 145 x 248 mm / L 145 x 248
– Rail: CarboKeramic rail Ø 7×9 mm.
– Price: 299,90€ (Superflow) – 249,90€ (Fill)

SLR Boost / TI316

  • Weight: S 170 g / L 175 g (Fill), S 158 g / L 163 g (Superflow)
  • Cover: Fibra-Tek
  • Sizes: S 130 x 248 mm / L 145 x 248 mm
  • Rail: TI316 Tube 7 mm
  • Price: 204,90€ (Superflow) – 169,90€ (Fill)

SLR Boost / Manganese

  • Weight: S 220 g / L 230 g (TM Fill), S 208 g / L 218 g (TM Superflow)
  • Cover: Soft Touch
  • Sizes: S 130 x 248 mm / L 145 x 248 mm
  • Rail: Manganese Tube 7 mm
  • Price: 129,90€ (Superflow) – 109,90€ (Fill)

SLR Boost Lady Superflow

  • Weight: S 198 g / L 206 g
  • Cover: Fibra-Tek
  • Sizes: S 130 x 248 mm / L 145 x 248 mm
  • Rail: TI316 Tube 7 mm
  • Price: 169,90€

Selle Italia Iron Evo triathlon and TT saddle

This isn’t the first foray into triathlon for Selle Italia, but it looks to be their best entry yet. With a new shape, wider nose, and two padding levels, the new Iron Evo aims at triathletes and time trialists competing in all distances. Selle Italia partnered with two-time Ironman World Champion Patrick Lange and the BMC-Vifit team for feedback, and to help refine the shape of the new saddle.

There are two padding density levels available – hard and soft. While the choice is often left best to personal preference, Selle Italia suggests that longer distance athletes try the soft density first. Short-distance time trialists will likely opt for the hard density. Only one width is available for now – 132mm wide.

Let’s check out the full specs:

Iron Evo Kit Carbonio Superflow HD

  • WEIGHT 240 g
  • COVER Fibra-Tek
  • DIMENSIONS 132 x 256 mm
  • RAIL CarboKeramic Tube 7×9 mm
  • PRICE: 249.90€

Iron Evo Superflow HD

  • WEIGHT 245 g
  • COVER Fibra-Tek
  • DIMENSIONS 132 x 256 mm
  • RAIL TI316 Tube 7 mm
  • PRICE: 179.90 €

The Selle Italia Iron Evo is available now. Read more about the SLR Boost, Iron Evo, and other Selle Italia saddles at the link below.

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3 years ago

“aggressive road position” what a farse

3 years ago

Only 470,561 different versions of the Flite and SLR? Pffft, will not buy.