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ENVE Smart System 6.7 Clinchers Announced, 8.9 Tubulars to Start Shipping

Smart ENVE System 8-9 tubular aero road bike wheels finally shipping
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Smart ENVE System 8-9 tubular aero road bike wheels finally shipping

ENVE Composites’ 3.4 shallow aero clincher wheels popped out of the molds in March, and now they have a 6.7 pair joining them…and an 8.9 set will follow later this year.

The SES (Smart ENVE System) rims were developed by aerodynamicist Simon Smart to reduce drag regardless of frame design and to improve stability in cross winds and turns. They feature 10mm shallower but slightly wider rims in the front, and deeper, narrower rims in the rear. They’re also very light considering the depth – the 6.7 clinchers coming in at a claimed 495g and 530g.

The other claimed benefit is durability. ENVE’s patented molded spoke holes allow the wheels to be built with higher spoke tension for better durability, meaning these can be used day in and day out for both training and racing.

When the SES wheels debuted last summer, they announced three sizes in tubulars: 3.4, 6.7 and 8.9. The numbers roughly refer to the rim depths in 10mm increments -the 3.4 is 35mm front, 45mm rear and 8.9’s are 85mm/95mm. The two shallower sets have been available since the original launch. The 8.9 tubulars will finally start shipping in a few weeks, and they should have all of them on display at Sea Otter.

Pics and PR right this way…

Scroll to bottom for complete wheel weights and prices for all three.

ENVE Smart System 3-4 clincher aero road bike wheelset

PRESS RELEASE: ENVE’s aero road line called the Smart ENVE System (SES), which debuted in early 2011, is growing into a full spectrum aero wheel offering for 2012. In March, ENVE’s new SES 3.4 Clincher hit the show room floors and in the coming weeks the super deep SES 8.9 Tubular and SES 6.7 Clinchers will begin shipping as well. A clincher version of the SES 8.9 is scheduled to begin shipping later this year.

Developing the Smart ENVE System clinchers was more than simply taking the existing SES tubulars and converting them into clinchers. “Because clinchers are structurally unique from tubulars, this project merited a completely separate development cycle to ensure that the laminates were dialed. The end result is a line-up of premium race wheelsets that are durable enough to train on every day,” said ENVE founder Jason Schiers. According to Simon Smart, “the new clincher rims have the same optimized external surfaces as the tubular rims, and it’s a great testament to the ENVE engineers that they were able to surpass the demanding structural requirements of a carbon clincher without compromising the external aerodynamic shape.”

“Pairing ENVE composite technology with Smart aerodynamics makes for the strongest, most versatile wheels for any wind condition in the world. Throughout the development, we were able to add new benchmarks in aerodynamics, which are highlighted by the new Smart ENVE System 8.9. The new 8.9s outperform some disc wheels in terms of aerodynamics, but in terms of stability and weight there isn’t a disc wheel that comes close,” said ENVE engineer Kevin Nelson.

Smart ENVE System 3-4 clincher aero road bike wheels

Regarding aerodynamics, the Smart ENVE System has been exclusively developed in the Mercedes GP – Petronas wind tunnel in Brackley, Northhamptonshire in the United Kingdom under the direction of renowned aerodynamicist Simon Smart. What sets the Smart ENVE System wheels apart from the rest is that they were developed to perform as a complete wheel system in frame, with rider on board. As a result of this approach, the Smart ENVE System wheels feature dissimilar depths and widths between the front and rear wheels. The front rims are wider and shallower to maximize stability across a broad spectrum of wind angles; and the rear rims are deeper and narrower to minimize drag on the trailing edge of the bike to eliminate turbulence and fit issues associated with modern aero frames.

All design, prototyping, structural testing, manufacturing, and assembly of the Smart ENVE System are performed at ENVE’s new facility in Ogden, Utah.

  • The new Smart ENVE System 3.4 Clinchers feature a 435 gram 35mm deep front rim and a 450 gram 45mm deep rear rim.
  • The new Smart ENVE System 6.7 Clinchers feature a 495 gram 60mm deep front rim and a 530 gram 70mm deep rear rim.
  • The new Smart ENVE System 8.9 Tubulars feature a 530 gram 85mm deep front rim and a 550 gram 95mm deep rear rim.

The SES Clinchers built with DT Aerolite spokes and DT Swiss or Chris King hubs will start at MSRP US$2900, and US$975/rim, SES Tubulars in the same configuration start at MSRP US$2700, and US$899/rim.

About Smart
Simon Smart, an ex-Formula One aerodynamicist with fifteen years of engineering experience at the highest level of motor sport, earned global recognition for his design and development of the Giant Trinity and Scott Plasma 3 TT frames in the wind tunnel – both manufacturers realizing overnight success in the Pro Tour with wins in the team and individual time trials. Smart’s business, Smart Aero Technology, is based on the same site as the Mercedes GP – Petronas team headquarters and wind tunnel in Brackley, Northhamptonshire in the United Kingdom.

Smart is renowned as one of the most successful time trial frame designers in the world with no less than six bikes in the top ten at the 2010 Tour de France individual time trial in Bordeaux alone. Smart also co-developed the Scott Foil aero road frame as ridden by the 2010 HTC – Columbia Team, and his distinctive designs have influenced many time trial and triathlon bicycles on the market today.

About ENVE Composites
Located in Ogden, Utah, ENVE manufactures carbon fiber rims and components specifically for the bicycle industry and is at the forefront of the emerging outdoor manufacturing sector. ENVE wheels and components are chosen by the best cyclists in the world including the United Health Care Pro Cycling Team, the Santa Cruz Syndicate. ENVE is one of the only companies in the bicycle industry to manufacture in the U.S.A and all ENVE wheels are handmade in Ogden, Utah.

Smart ENVE System 6-7 clincher aero road bike wheels


All three are built with 20 spokes on the front, 24 in the rear using DT Aerolite spokes.

SES 3.4 Clincher:

Smart ENVE System 3-4 clincher aero wheel weights

SES 6.7 Clincher:

Smart ENVE System 6-7 clincher aero wheels weights

SES 8.9 Tubular:

Smart ENVE System 8-9 tubular aero wheel weights

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12 years ago

Maybe I’m mistaken, wasn’t HTC on the Scott Addict in 2010? (instead of the FOIL)

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