In their continuing quest to meet evolving rider needs, Utah carbon crafters ENVE were on hand at PressCamp to show a handful of new products and discuss their approach to rim and component design and manufacture.  In order to be ready for the coming explosion in 27in downhill and enduro bikes, the company has introduced a new mid-sized version of their downhill rim.  Like their 29er and 26″ versions, the 650b model makes use of Zyvex resin to increase impact resistance and a wide bead hook to reduce the liklihood of pinch flats.  The bare US-made $800 rim weighs in at 540g and is available built to DT Swiss or King hubs.  Hit the jump for wider bars and a cool road bar detail…


In response to rider requests, the $160 Sweep and Riser handlebars have grown 40mm to a contemporary 740mm wide, with marks for easy trimming.


Introduced earlier this spri ng, ENVE’s Classic series of road wheels are doing well. By combining their rims with DT Swiss’ excellent-but-sensible 350 hubs, the tubular road wheels come in at $1,850 and the clinchers at $2,050- a price point that brings the US-made rims into the same price range as many Asian alternatives.


Finally, we got a quick look at ENVE’s slick silicone tape cap.  Flipped open as shown, the cap allows for easy taping and the bars’ tapered end helps to keep things in place.   Flipped back, the cap makes for a clean look, a comfortable end-of-bar hand position, and won’t scratch whatever it’s leaned against.  A minor detail- but a nice one.


  1. Mr. P on

    @ Ryan
    740mm wide? That is pretty common.

    And it is less about leverage and more about contact tipping points. Much easier to lean the bike over in control. Don’t steer bikes 🙂


  2. dhbomber on

    I used to ride 750mm Easton Havoc carbon riser on my trail built Intense tracer…at first they felt like a truck…but surely as I rode, they felt more and more at home, super comfy and stable!

    Now I’m using 710mm niner flat bars on my 27.5 XC hardtail and couldn’t be happier!


  3. chsad on

    Looks good but can we please widen the XC rim? I would consider it if it didn’t make a 2.1 look like a cross tire.

  4. DRock on

    “the company has introduced a new mid-sized version of their downhill rim. Like their 29er and 26in versions,”

    I do not believe that Enve Offers A 29er DH wheel or rim. Jyst AM Or XC. I am 99.9 % sure.

  5. Jdxc on

    Cracked two XC rims within 3 months, and at $525 crash replacement cost per wheel, Never again.
    Never cracked a Stans, even the lighter Gold version in 2 plus years.
    These are not worth the money, and it shows.

  6. Fast Sammy on

    I had a rim fail/CRACK as well under light/normal use. Enve warranty department said is was from impact, and thus not warranty issue. $600ISH DOLLARS later and 5 weeks, they send a replacement with wrong color rim stickers, and without rim tape. LBS calls Enve, and they agree to send correct rim stickers, but rim tape would cost me. WTF

  7. Jdxc on

    Wheels came oem on Cannondale Scalpel. Failure was from light cross country use. These rims are narrower than most anything else on market, and braking a spoke requires removing rim tape (special nipple and time consuming), and prone to impact failures (as Enve claimed mine were). This is a mountain bike wheel Enve. Reynolds offers a no questions ask replacement for original purchaser and they cost less. I wanted to love these wheels so much, but just cant. Customer service is even worse, so to answer the question, I would prefer to spend my hard earned money elsewhere.

  8. DJR on

    Jdxc. I concur. Except I cracked (impact failure) 3 ENVE All Mountain 29er rims. Never cracked a Stans or even dented one. I have ran the Crest up front and the Arch in the rear, both long term (5 years). One of the Enve 29er AM rims that I cracked was my front wheel/rim mated to A 130mm travel, super plush fork with just cross country use. My point is that I was not happy with my Enves and that the All Mountains do not seem any better then their XC 29ers rim. I would prefer to spend my hard earned money else where also (Reynolds makes sense with A no questions ask replacement).

  9. Jake on

    Love their cockpit components, especially their bars, but until someone gives me a set of their wheels, I’ll stick with my trusty Stan’s Crests… If you can only have one wheelset, they are the best bang for your buck. I’m definitely excited to see their bars going wider, though. Wider bars rule!

  10. Yoshi on

    When the new standard trail width is 4’+ and flowy who needs anything less than a 740 mm wide bar. It’s single track for the portly type…

  11. jose on

    4ft wide trails? Just don’t be a hack and plow your bars into trees. Wide bars are the business, skinny bars are for purple ano bar ends and canti brakes.


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