There’s been a movement in the past few years to get as much weight off your body, and back onto your bike. But there are still times where carrying all the water, food, and gear you need on the bike is just not possible. For those that want a way to carry extra on your person without a hot, heavy hydration pack, the new EVOC Hydro Pro could be the answer.

EVOC Hydro Pro adventure hydration vest

EVOC Hydro Pro adventure hydration vest

Offered in two sizes, the Hydro Pro has a minimalist vest form. The smaller version is the 1.5L and the larger one is the 3L, though both include the same 1.5L hydration bladder. Thankfully, that bladder has a quick release for the hose to make it easy to fill.

EVOC Hydro Pro adventure hydration vest

The hydration hose goes around the front and attaches to the sternum strap with a magnetic clip.

EVOC Hydro Pro adventure hydration vest

All of the main parts that touch your body feature EVOC’s 3D Air Mesh fabric which was originally developed for EVOC’s protective clothing. That triangular pattern is semi-rigid which creates little air pockets which are supposed to make the material breath better next to your skin. The Aeroflex fabric is used for the connecting straps between the back and front parts of the vest.

EVOC Hydro Pro adventure hydration vest EVOC Hydro Pro adventure hydration vest

EVOC Hydro Pro adventure hydration vest

The biggest difference between the two models is the amount of storage on top of the hydration—with the name of the bag representing the total storage amount not including water. So the 1.5L has 0.3L of storage in a zippered shoulder pocket and another 1.2L of storage in the main compartment with the bladder full. The 3L has 1L of storage in two zippered shoulder pockets, and 2L inside the main compartment.

Available in black or steel, the 1.5L and 3L models will sell for $115 and $125 respectively. Available soon.




  1. carbonfodder on

    looks distinctly like a decade old Nathan trail running hydration pack I used and got ab-used by my riding buddies for ‘trail runner crap’. Maybe now it’ll be cool enough to use again…


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