EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro has hybrid soft/hard shell, ‘bike fit proof’ design

EVOC announced a new airline-friendly bike bag, the Road Bike Bag Pro. With a hybrid hard/soft construction, it’s designed specifically to be fit-friendly, without having to adjust the saddle or cockpit of your road or triathlon bike. As a bonus, it even includes an integrated TSA-friendly lock.

All images courtesy EVOC.

EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro cycling travel case

The debate rages on about hard vs soft-shell bike travel cases… which is more durable? Easier to store? More cost-effective? EVOC answered with a new hybrid case, combining elements of both designs for a best-of-both-worlds. EVOC says that it’s “soft where possible and hard where necessary”, providing low weight, high stability, and easy handling.

The lid is made of pressure-resistant polycarbonate, mated to abrasion-resistant P600D PU sides reinforced by removable hard plastic rods. EVOC claims that pressure on the bag from the outside is diverted and never touches fragile parts.

The Road Bike Bag Pro includes a road bike stand with axle mounts, wheel bags, and clip-on front wheel.

The Road Bike Bag Pro is aimed at skinny tire bikes (duh), and promises to be fit-friendly, requiring no adjustments to the cockpit or saddle.

An integrated TSA-approved lock keeps the case safe, while allowing the TSA entry if necessary (Read: When they open your case, they can).

Photo: Paul Masukowitz

The Road Bike Bag Pro is made in black only, with an overall volume of 300 liters. It will be available in Fall 2019, for an MSRP of $930.


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Spencer Kearney
Spencer Kearney
3 years ago

Great cycling video, bit stingy on the actual bag details. Good thing Bikerumor has it covered.

3 years ago

This should do really well, especially for all the new bikes with integrated aero cockpits where all that cables are routed internally. Who’s going to want to try to pull the bar and stem from those?

Space Raccoon
Space Raccoon
3 years ago

This looks amazing, but as a taller gentleman I wonder if it will fit my rides – the example shown looks like it nearly maxes it out on seat height without too much exposed post.

Involuntary Soul
3 years ago

here comes the $150 oversized fee