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Factor Bikes Partners with Aston Martin to offer Limited Edition One-77 Cycle

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Not too long after announcing that Steve Domahidy would be joining BF1 to help launch Factor bikes, (you know, the futuristic road bike with twin down tubes, integrated hydraulic disc brakes, and onboard computers?), there were rumblings of Factor working closely with one of the “UK’s coolest brands” to introduce a limited edition Factor 001.

That brand? Aston Martin. The bike? The Aston Martin One-77 Cycle. Named after the extremely limited production Aston Martin One-77 Coupe, of which only 77 were made, and most were sold before they were even built despite the nearly $1.5 million price tag (reported). Just like the car, the One-77 cycle will also be limited to just 77 pieces and won’t cost $1.5 million, but it won’t be cheap either. In fact, much like the One-77 automobile, the price on the One-77 cycle isn’t listed – most likely a “if you have to ask…” kind of thing.  Buyers will have their choice of 7 different color/trim packages with special touches like color matched brake calipers, and matching leather trimmed saddle and bar tape.

Other than the custom finishes, it appears that the bike itself varies little from the original Factor 001 concept with the exception of the brakes. Gone are the custom Di2 hydraulic levers in favor of standard Shimano Dura Ace Di2 levers controlling a Hope V-twin hydraulic converter that is hidden in the bar. There are quite a bit more details on the build however, including what appears to be one of the most feature packed, integrated computers ever. All of this though, and we still have yet to see the finished bike (has to be soon, right?). If you’re thinking these computer renderings illustrate the perfect bike to sit next to your Vantage or DBS in the garage, drop them a line, who knows – they might go fast!

Full specs after the break.

About that computer? Well, in addition to it being integrated into the handlebar just like the hydraulic lines (a Hope V-twin is hidden in there as well) and Di2 wires, it has more functions than that graphing calculator you only used in high school to play games while your teacher wasn’t looking.

One-77 Cycle Electronics

Full System Highlights:

  • Integral, back-lit, high contrast touch screen display embedded in handlebars
  • Display page switching via integrated control lever switches
  • Individual left and right crank torque measurements
  • Integrated crank position sensor with an accuracy of one degree of rotational position
  • Embedded rear wheel speed sensor
  • Optional medical grade ECG system via Bluetooth


  • Crank Force Left
  • Crank Force Right
  • Crank Torque Left
  • Crank Torque Right
  • Crank Position
  • Crank Angular Velocity
  • Crank Cadence
  • Average Crank Cadence
  • Maximum Crank Cadence
  • Total Power
  • Average Power Per Revolution
  • Left Leg Power
  • Right Leg Power
  • Maximum Left Leg Power
  • Maximum Right Leg Power
  • Average Left Leg Power
  • Average Right Leg Power
  • Interval Number
  • Interval Type (Time / Distance)
  • Interval Size
  • Interval Target 1
  • Interval Target 1 Delta
  • Target Parameter Type 1
  • Interval Target 2
  • Interval Target 2 Delta
  • Target Parameter Type 2
  • Interval Average speed
  • GPS Locked
  • GPS Number of Satellites
  • GPS Speed
  • GPS Altitude
  • GPS Latitude
  • GPS Longitude
  • GPS Heading
  • Time
  • Time zone offset
  • Acceleration X
  • Acceleration Y
  • Acceleration Z
  • Left Useful Power
  • Left Wasted Power
  • Right Useful Power
  • Right Wasted Power
  • Atmospheric Press
  • Altitude
  • Maximum Altitude
  • Minimum Altitude
  • Rate of Ascent
  • Rate of Descent
  • Humidity
  • Temperature Ambient
  • Event Marker
  • Rear Wheel Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Trip time
  • Trip Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Heart Rate ? Via ANT+ Device
  • Minimum Heart Rate
  • Maximum Heart Rate
  • Left Crank Data Packet Counter
  • Right Crank Data Packet Counter
  • Left Crank State of Charge
  • Right Crank State of Charge
  • Left Crank Serial Number
  • Right Crank Serial Number
  • Heart Rate Packet Indicator
  • System Battery Voltage
  • System Current Consumption
  • Crank length
  • Tyre Diameter


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12 years ago

I’d immediately buy this bike, if they would remove of all the high tech gadgetry, I love the frame design and the wheels!

12 years ago

Oh hi Bill Gates! Didn’t know you read Bike Rumour.

12 years ago

I already know my Average Power Per Revolution – not enough!

11 years ago

Is this one of these ?

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