In an effort to have a bit of fun, and showcase how durable a light weight carbon bike / build can really be, Fairwheel Bikes put together this fun video. It showcases two Neil Pryde frames. The first is built of with Shimano Di2 and Dura-Ace carbon wheels, while the second showcases a full Enve cockpit along with their new Smart 6.7 wheelset.

Watch riders Rick Roth and Tony Roth take these high end road bikes on a nice trials ride, as well as hit a few dirt jumps.

That’s not all we have though. Greg Minnaar, downhill rider, was set up with a cyclocross bike decked out in all the nice bits Enve Composites makes. The video after jump showcases a bit of that bike, and him riding it on some very nice single track. Plus, it’s a nice interview with Greg.

Click through to kill another 5 minutes and 10 seconds.


  1. Eric on

    Awesome video. A fun one. Those guys have skills.

    That said, the forces they’re subjecting the bike to are less than say, hitting a big pothole at pace. These guys are masters of body control and shifting their weight around. You can see how easy they make climbing tables look. If the average roadie were to try the same thing, it would be much more jarring and stressful on the components. Kind of like jumping and landing with your knees bent — to absorb shock — vs keeping your knees straight.

    Still. Good post & entertaining video.

  2. Matt on

    Where were their hydraulic rim brakes?! How could one possibly have the needed stopping forces and POWER in ONLY standard mechanical rim brakes? Certainly they were in need of all that extra promised modulation to pull off these stunts – much mroe so than a triathelete or roadie – and yet – HORRORS they are not there…

  3. WannaBeSTi on

    Well, after talking to my boy at FWB I’m even more impressed. He said “Believe it or not the only damage on the bikes was some bent teeth on the large chain rings. Neither pair of wheels had to be trued afterward and both are clinchers and not tubulars.”

  4. gee on

    I like to pretend these guys are bike mechanics and they are taking some fat old guy’s 10,000 dollar road bike out for a “test” while they are out of town…..


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