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Farr turns up alloy Aero Drop & Aero MTB bars for more hand positions on & off road, plus Headspace ST

Farr Alloy Aero MTB v2 mountain bike handlebar, cockpit photo by Dominic Maurer
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Farr Aero Drop & Aero MTB reshape two new aerodynamic aluminum handlebars, offering improved hand positions for both road & mountain bike endurance racers. Both affordable alloy aero bars integrate an upturned front extension loop that gives riders somewhere else to rest their arms, and a place to tuck in a bit more on-the-bike storage.

Plus, their unique bullmoose-style HeadSpace stem goes into Super Trail mode, with new shorter, stiffer stems built to handle more technical off-road riding.

Farr alloy Aero Drop Bar road handlebar

Farr alloy Aero Drop Bar road handlebar, on dirt
c. Farr

At first glance, the new Farr alloy Aero Drop Bar for road riding looks a lot like their Aero Gravel Bar. But beyond simply dropping the flare for a more traditional road handlebar shape, the aero loop has been reshaped as well.

It’s a project that Farr has been refining since 2020 (together with the MTB bar below), to more closely mimic the optimized hand position ergonomics of their simple Alloy Aero Bolt-On loop extension (and also the carbon version). This slightly upturned shape provides a more comfortable wrist position while in an aero tuck, while still giving plenty of flat surface to lean on and keeping the drops in a regular horizontal position.

Farr alloy Aero Drop Bar road handlebar, with arm rests

It also now integrates more smoothly with Farr’s clip-on Arm Rest kit which sits forearm pads just above your bar.

Aero Drop Bar Tech & Pricing

Farr alloy Aero Drop Bar road handlebar, accessory mounts

The new $119 USD bar is made of butted 6061-T6 aluminum, with a wide 31.8mm (x 120mm) clamping area with plenty of space to mount accessories next to the stem, and a standard 22.2mm diameter loop out front (40mm for accessory mounts).

 vfront view

The loop extends 115mm in front of the bar, upswept at 7° then 45° to rise 50mm from the tops.

Farr alloy Aero Drop Bar road handlebar, tech details

The road bar features 76mm reach & 125mm drop with a traditional compact road bend and only a hint of 2° of drop flare from the hoods to make room for your wrists, and zero outward flare at the ends of the drops.

The bar is available in 38, 40, 42, 44 & 46cm widths (center-center at the hoods) with a real weight claim of 439g in 42cm width (+/-10g for the largest to smallest sizes).

Farr alloy Aero Drop Bar road handlebar, sngled

The new Farr alloy road Aero Drop Bar is in stock & ready to ship globally now.

Farr Alloy Aero MTB v2 mountain bike handlebar

Farr Alloy Aero MTB v2 mountain bike handlebar, cockpit
c. Farr, MTB cockpit photos by Dominic Maurer

Want that same ergonomic aerodynamic shape for marathon mountain bike racing or off-road bikepacking too? That’s the Farr Alloy Aero MTB bar.

This second-generation aero mountain bike bar replaces the straight loop original, with the same double bend rising loop of the new drop bar. That means the 13mm shorter loop rises 17mm higher thanks to the new 7°/45° bend.

Farr Alloy Aero MTB v2 mountain bike handlebar, angled

Farr says the resulting shape is more comfortable to stay aero longer in the flatter, smoother sections linking technical stages of marathon and ultra-endurance mountain bike races.

Maybe an upturned v2 Aero Gravel Bar will be coming soon, as well?

Alloy Aero MTB Bar Tech & Pricing

Farr Alloy Aero MTB v2 mountain bike handlebar, tech details

The 6061-T6 alloy Farr Aero MTB Bar also sells for $119, in a width of 760mm at a claimed 423g (plus cut marks down to 700mm). The bar features no rise, 6° of backsweep, a 31.8mm (x 100mm) clamping area, and 22.2mm grip & extension area.

The Alloy Aero MTB bar is available for pre-order now, with the first deliveries from May 2022.

Farr HeadSpace ST stems, super short for trail riding

Farr HeadSpace ST stem, 32mm 50mm

Farr has also quietly rolled out a pair of updated short trail versions of their two-spar HeadSpace stems, as part of their expanding ST super trail Speed Tech mountain bike component family.

The new forged and CNC-machined design has a more beefy alloy body with horizontal relief cutouts to save weight, resulting in a stiffer design with the same 70mm clamp spacing as before to make it compatible with Farr mounts and Aero Bolt-On bars.

Farr HeadSpace ST stem, mountain bike bar

Now, the 0° rise, 31.8 bar clamp HeadSpace ST is offered in short 50mm (166g) & super-short 32mm (155g) stems. Both share the same anodized black sandblasted finish with laser etched graphics.

The 32mm stem sells for $89, and the 50mm stem for $99 – both in stock now.


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2 years ago

What Ti Pinion frame is that?

2 years ago

Gravel innovation has truly jumped the shark. Let’s take a Scott AT4 and Profile For Speed bar from the 90s and create something “new”.
Hey gravel innovators – the Rhode Gear Flickstand needs to be given new life!

2 years ago
Reply to  Chad

Any smart manufacture would mold a Flickstand mount into their carbon downtube.

2 years ago
Reply to  syborg

So there are no smart carbon bike manufacturers? No a single one?

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