With more off-road riders going long, aerodynamics are becoming a consideration for gravel bikes and mountain bikes, too. Specialized went so far as to test positions and gear in their Win Tunnel leading up to Leadville, and now smaller brand RideFarr has an easy, add-on solution to dropping drag. It could be the perfect way to keep your hands fresh on NUE events and gravel races like the Dirty Kanza, too.

How to add aero bars to a gravel bike

The new RideFarr Carbon Aero Bolt-On clamps to the center of your handlebar, giving you a narrower profile without sacrificing a secure hand hold. Or putting potentially dangerous extension bars on a bike that’s more likely to see you going over the front of it.

The system works on flat and drop bars, meaning you could use it on any type of bike. It fits 31.8mm Bar Diameter and makes room for GPS cycling computers and LED lights (pick one, not both simultaneously) and weighs in at just 98g.

the best way to add an aero bar to your gravel bike or mountain bike

There’s no need to temove your bar, brakes, shifters or grip/tape, so it installs in minutes. And it’ll work with their ergonomic flat handlebar, which puts flattened, palm-shaped flaps just outside of the stem clamp zone.

Retail Price in South Africa is R1450.00, and is pegged around $95.00 / €85.00 (may vary by exchange rate). They ship globally and say delivery takes 5 to 7 days to most destinations. Look for it to be available soon, we’ll update this story when we hear back on timing.



  1. Celest Greene on

    So massively, nerdily excited about this. XC bikes really are better for anything but the smoothest gravel and something like this would help make windy road stretches even more bearable.

  2. Greg on

    Been running shorty bar ends just inboard of my brake levers for years. Current ones just run 40g/pair. That said, I like these. Clean, less likely to stab something

  3. adilosnave on

    I’m buying these for my road bike since I do a lot of climbing. This gives you more bracing while riding on the tops since you can pull more with your forearms. I’d been thinking of machining something like this for a while. Price is good.

  4. dockboy on

    They did a good job making this look like it belongs on the bike. It could’ve been a really warty design, but I think they nailed it. Too bad only one accessory can be mounted.

  5. King County on

    Bontrager had a carbon 1-piece Satellite handlebar, (mtb/hybrid bike style), that had a similar design, except the ‘wings’ did not touch. I have them, but its a love hate relationship. I can tuck in and be streamlined, but the wings are short so its not you are on a TT bike. i also did what a poster did, ..to use standard bar end inside of the brake levers. I would like to try these things.


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