With a number of companies like Surly and All-City now offering their smaller sizes with 650b wheels and tires, the demand for quality rubber is certainly going to increase. The use of smaller wheels and tires for smaller bikes isn’t exactly a new concept, but with more brands settling on 650b for the selected size, it seems to have opened the door for brands like Clement to step in with new tire sizes.

Starting with the X’Plor MSO and Strada USH, Clement is rolling with a 650b x 42mm casing while 50mm tires are soon to come…

Offered in a tubeless ready casing, the 42mm MSO will retail for $70. Clement will soon have a 650b x 36mm MSO as well.

The MSO will also offered in a new 700c x 50mm casing for $75 which is a few months out. Te tread pattern is similar, but as you can see the larger tire has more widely spaced knobs while keeping the smooth rolling center section. As for the standard MSO 700c x 40mm, that will be available in a tubeless ready casing in two months.

The Strada USH also goes with a 650b x 42mm size again for $70. According to Clement, a 700c x 40mm USH is on the way.

For the street, Clement is making their LCV available in a skinwall as well as black wall in a 28mm 240tpi European made casing complete with undertread protection for $80.

Kids get in on the new tire action as well with a new 24 x 1.25″ MXP cross tire. Clement went with the MXP tread design because they say it is their most versatile and longest wearing which are both great features for a kid’s cross bike that won’t have multiple wheelsets for race day. Tubeless ready and featuring a 60tpi casing, the tires will sell for $55.

Adult cross bikes with little wheels (650b) will get an MXP of their own when Clement introduces the forthcoming 650b x 33mm MXP. When asked if the smaller wheels were UCI legal for cross, Clement said that there is no wheel size limit for cross, only a tire width limit. And since these measure the UCI legal 33mm, they should be good to go.





  1. TomM on

    These are great; I really like Clement’s tubeless gravel/cx tires. One other request: A wider (38c or even 40c) and tubeless version of the MXP and BOS for the 99%+ of us CX racers who never need to meet the UCI’s 33mm width limit.

    • Kernel Flickitov on

      Clement doesn’t listen to anybody. They got boat loads of emails for a solid 5-6 years about tubeless before they even hinted at doing it. Good luck with the wait.

      • TomM on

        Interesting. If that’s the case, there will be other choices soon I bet. For example, I could imagine Maxxis taking the 40c casing from the Ravager and Rambler and putting knobbier CX-focused rubber on it. I hope they do it even if Clement also does.

    • patrick on

      I could even see that for tubulars. There’s just not enough volume in those things for bigger riders and you certainly see plenty of 4/5’s on tubulars. I’m around 190 and ended up using tubeless 38’s instead of my tubular clements most of the time because I could run lower pressures. Even making 0.5 psi adjustment, I couldn’t find a sweet spot between grip and smacking my rims a dozen times a lap or getting bounced around and not gripping. There was almost a 2psi ‘window’ on the bigger tires of not getting bounced around and not smashing rim. If you’re an MXP fan (like me), the Cross Boss is an excellent tubeless tire and measured 38 on a pair of Stan’s Crest rims.

  2. typevertigo on

    Nice to see they’ve gone with the skinwall treatment for the LCV, and at a high TPI casing too. I got the 32 mm skinwall Strada LGGs and they’re pretty, although for those tires skinwalls are only offered for the 60 TPI casing. The 120 TPI version of the LGG should have better cornering grip from the dual tread compound.


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