The next time you’re in need of new riding apparel, there’s a new option in town. Using Frostbike as their launch point, KETL Mountain Apparel represents a new take on mountain bike clothing, especially when it comes to Quality Bicycle Products (QBP). As the story goes, Lindsay Piper and Aaron James came to QBP from the outdoor world, where they both have been involved in the creation of new soft goods. According to the two, they felt that the outdoor industry offered constant innovation the design and materials used in clothing, while the bike industry seemed to lag behind.

That led them to look for a way to combine the best materials like Schoeller and Polartec, with industry leading fit and design features to create something they really wanted to ride. The result is the all new KETL Mountain Apparel line which is starting off relatively small, but with high quality pieces that you’ll want to wear again and again…

Featuring 100% gender parity in the entire line, KETL will initially offer two jerseys each for men and women. Made from Polartec Powerdry fabric in a simple henley style, women get a sleeveless and 3/4 length sleeve, while men get SS and LS.

The Overshirt uses Schoeller double weave fabric that offers four way stretch, and a water repellant outer layer. Snap fronts and snap cuffs handle the closures and a zippered chest pocket adds an audio port if you want to listen to music.

The Overshorts use that same Schoeller double weave fabric for a durable shell that is breathable, stretchy, and comfortable. Cut to work with or without knee pads, the front of the short opening is slightly longer, and the shorts include a zippered side pocket.


Just as much attention has been given to their liner bib which is again available in men’s or women’s specific models. The men’s bib has a fly opening out front, and three rear pockets as well as an Elastic Interface quad density chamois.

The women’s liner bib is where the real design work comes into play with their IPF feature. Adding their take on the bibs that you don’t have to completely remove if you have to pee, the I Pee Freely (IPF) design starts with a small zipper at the front of the bib. When unzipped, the entire panel pulls down and out, dropping the chamois completely out of the way. When you’re done, it tucks back in, zips up, and you’re ready to go. Lindsay says the design works great and is just as comfortable as a normal bib, just with the added convenience.

The women’s liner also has pockets, but two instead of three to fit smaller frames and retain useful sized pockets.

Starting with the essentials, KETL says more products are in the works, but this first batch will be in stores by March 15.

Update: KETL now has their pricing available below

  • Overshirts:  $185
  • Overshorts:  $160
  • M Long sleeve jersey: $100
  • M short sleeve jersey: $85
  • W ¾ sleeve jersey: $100
  • W sleeveless jersey: $85
  • Bibs: $150
  • Tee shirts: $30
  • Socks: $20
  • Trucker hat: $30

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5 years ago

Smart idea, pockets on the bibs. That way stuff doesn’t drag down your jersey, but on the bib where it’s well supported by straps. I have a pair of Craft bibs, with one pocket mid-back -meant for a radio – but perfect size for a smart phone.

Old fut
Old fut
5 years ago

Any idea of prices? The bibs look good. ANd their website is having a bad day.

5 years ago

Why would a repurposed press release not include pricing? Maybe because the website has no pricing. Talk about a fantastic way to lose impulse buyers and top-of-mind recall. Stuff looks like the Giro lineup that didn’t sell from a few years back; it was/is good stuff, just ridiculously priced. Thank goodness for closeouts otherwise I wouldn’t have some of the stuff.

Old Fut
Old Fut
5 years ago

Thanks for adding prices. Thou that seems a little expensive for QBP house brand clothing.

4 years ago

First of all, stop dropping acronyms without defining what they are. QBP? IPF? EIT? The arrogance associated with dropping abbreviations without somewhere defining what the abbreviation stands for, is enough to sour my interest in the product immediately. Snobbery at its finest. Additionally, the prices are outrageous.