The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is just around the corner, and frame builders from all around the world will begin to make the journey to Connecticut very soon. But when NAHBS is over, how will you find them? Sure, a number of frame builders have such a reputation that they’re easy to find, but others can be a little more obscure.

That’s why The Frame Builders are putting together a comprehensive list with an interactive map. Their goal is to create a database that lists all the bicycle craftsmen and craftswomen so that their potential customers can easily track them down.

The Frame Builders custom bike building map chart where to find a handbuilt bike

Split into the interactive map and the complete list, the map can be filtered with the drop down menu to only include builders who specialized in a certain material like carbon or titanium. But it can also be used to find all of the frame building schools if you want to learn for yourself.

At this point, the database is far from complete, but The Frame Builders hope that it can be completed with your help. Any frame builders who want to be included in the list should contact The Frame Builders with their info to put their stamp on the map.


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4 years ago

Much to my surprise, there are a few entries outside Europe and North America, though only a few. The map, however, does not work. It’s possible to see a street location, but no name or address details, not too helpful. The list works better, though it’s far from exhaustive, which might hopefully change.

4 years ago
Reply to  satanas

Thank you for your feedback! We would love to continue adding to the database any framebuilders or schools our users can recommend, especially those outside Europe and North America. Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible. The map is working–with names and address details listed when you click on the gear icons; I’m sorry you’re having trouble with it! Some users reported being able to access that information after refreshing their page. We are working to solve any technical problems so that everyone can enjoy Please feel free to email me so I can help troubleshoot any problems you may have accessing our site:

4 years ago
Reply to  Ezequiel

You know what. You should put in a search function if you can.