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Find My Bike with Apple & new 4iiii Precision 3+ power meter and Apple Watch Integration

Alison Jackson using Find My app to track her 4iiii Precision 3+ power meter
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Apparently, 3rd party tech can be integrated into Apple’s usually closed ecosystem, because 4iiii has just announced that their newest Precision+ power meter is now the first that can be tracked with Apple’s Find My technology. Plus, a new 4iiii ‘Ride’ app for Apple Watch means you can track all of your key cycling power metrics directly from the most popular smartwatch out there, with no need for a cycling computer mounted to the bike.

4iiii Precision 3+ power meter tracked in Apple’s Find My app

4iiii Precision 3+ power meter adds Apple Find My app bike tracking
all c. 4iiii

Right beside your iPhone, MacBook, AirPods & AirTags, you can now track your bike with your phone in the Find My app, leveraging all the other 1.5 billion Apple iPhone users out in the world to keep tabs on where your 4iiii Precision 3+ power meter has snuck off to. Whether that’s for following along to see if baggage handlers have gotten your bike on & off the plane smoothly, literally checking if you left your bike locked up outside or already safely stashed in the garage, or in the worst case tracking a stolen bike… it’s hard to argue with the peace of mind of being able to see where is your precious bike.

What’s new in 4iiii Precision 3+?

4iiii Precision 3+ power meter adds Apple Find My app bike tracking, on bike

4iiii introduced their Precision 3 power meters last year, with 800hr battery life and an ultralight 9g design update. Now with this new Precision 3+ update, it doesn’t looks like the hardware has changed – specs still say the same: +/-1% accuracy, ANT+/Bluetooth communication, 9g weight, 5.5mm thin, 800hr runtime, IPX7 waterproof – but there are new features that don’t appear to be possible with last year’s power meters – presumably due to new firmware.

4iiii Precision 3+ power meter adds Apple Find My app bike tracking, up close detail

The new functionality is first the Apple Find My feature. But there is also a new Automatic Terrain Selector that claims to improve cadence sampling and increase power measurement accuracy by automatically switching between the onboard accelerometer “on smooth steady-state cruising” and then over to the built-in gyroscope “on rough terrain, gravel, or for high RPM sprints”. Doing so improves accuracy, while retaining ultra-long battery life.

4iiii Precision 3+ pricing, options & availability

4iiii Precision 3+ power meter adds Apple Find My app bike tracking, factory install

The good news, pricing is the same – $330 installed on the crank arm you send them, or starting from $335 on a Shimano 105 crankarm – so there’s no reason not to get the new features on a new 4iiii power meter. The new 4iiii Precision 3+ is available now only as a 1-sided left arm power meter. Dual-sided power metering in the form of a 4iiii Precision 3+ Pro will be available soon for Shimano Ultegra and Dura-Ace cranksets.

Even better news, cyclists already with an existing 4iiii Precision 3 power meter prior to this update, can actually send their left side power meter back to 4iiii (still attached to the crank arm), and 4iiii will upgrade it with the new firmware for the new & improved functionality!

New 4iiii Ride app for Apple Watch

4iiii Precision 3+ power meter adds Apple Find My app bike tracking, new Apple Watch Ride app

In addition to the new + functionality, 4iiii also has a new free Ride comparison app for Apple Watch users, so you can leave the cycling computer at home and still track your rides with power.

From 4iiii:
“In addition to PRECISION+ with Apple Find My, 4iiii unveils its innovative ‘Ride’ companion watch app, designed to offer cyclists another way to track and analyze their performance. The watch app offers Bluetooth connectivity, enabling seamless integration with fitness sensors (non-drive side and dual power meters, and heart rate monitors like 4iiii’s own Viiiiva) from 4iiii and most manufacturers. Cyclists can now access workout views, live heart rate, power, speed, cadence, and distance directly on their watch. Download the 4iiii app from the App Store and use the watch app for free!

The app seamlessly uploads comprehensive ride statistics, including GPS routes, in .FIT and Apple Fitness files. It is natively configured as part of the Apple Health Kit, allowing riders to track their activity, calories, and close those daily activity rings. The app also supports auto sync to Strava, enabling automatic workout sharing and enhancing the social aspect of cycling. With the 4iiii Ride App, there is no need for a conventional head unit; cyclists can rely on their watch to capture key information, whether they are on the road, gravel, or in the mountains.”


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8 months ago

Cory — you’re wrong about the auto cadence sensor selection. That’s been available to all Precision 3 units since a firmware update in March. The only thing that is new here is the Find My functionality.


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