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The new 4iiii Precision 3 power meter offers 800 hour battery life and weighs just 9g!

4iii PRECISION 3 PowerMeter dura ace
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Canadian powerhouse 4iiii Innovations just cut the weight of their crank arm-based power meter pod in half. The new PRECISION 3 power meter weighs in at a super-light 9g for the pod, blowing the already-light PRECISION Pro (25g for the pod) out of the water.

4iii PRECISION 3 PowerMeter group ride

Being the lightest is fine, but it only matters if the data is correct and the product is easy to use. On paper, the new PRECISION 3 has all the same features as its predecessor and beefs up all categories.

4iii PRECISION 3 PowerMeter installed dura ace

How much battery life?

The new PRECISION 3 offers a staggering 800 hours of battery life (up from 100hrs), a more comprehensive cadence range, a broader temperature/storage temp range, and a slimmer design. This unit is a significant upgrade from the previous models from the stats alone.

4iii PRECISION 3 PowerMeter crankset

One of the significant features of the 4iiii meters is their super slim design. The new meter takes the 7.5mm height (how much it sticks out from the factory crankset) and trims it down by 2mm to just 5.5mm— 40% thinner. This ease of clearance means adding a power meter to your Trek, BH, and other bikes with a tight crankarm/frame clearing could be a non-issue.

4iii PRECISION 3 PowerMeter Gravel bike

The PRECISION 3 power meter unit is available for 4iiii factory install on most alloy non-drive side cranks. There isn’t any explicit mention of a dual-sided meter, though we can only imagine this unit has a drive-side partner coming if not already available.

4iii PRECISION 3 PowerMeter only logo

What about the internals

As for the inner workings of the 4iiii, PRECISION 3 boasts 8x more battery life, active temperature compensation, over-the-air firmware upgrades, and LED status indication for wake up (green), zero offset (blue), and low battery (red — which you won’t see for a very long time).

4iii PRECISION 3 PowerMeter

The same 3D Strain Gauge technology

The PRECISION 3 uses the same patented 3D Strain Gauge technology from the PRECISION Pro to achieve +/- 1% accuracy with a 3-year warranty, and a solid customer service team (we’ve called before).

4iii PRECISION 3 PowerMeter full

The PRECISION 3 Powermeter is pre-installed as a ride-ready option on a left side Shimano crank, or you can also send in your crank for a custom 4iiii Factory Install. Both options start at $324.99.

4iii PRECISION 3 PowerMeter MTB Mountain Bike

Key Features — 4iiii PRECISION 3

  • Up to 800 hours of battery life
  • Patented 3d strain gauge technology to deliver +/- 1% accuracy
  • Ultra-low profile and compatible with nearly all bike frames (looking at you, Trek)
  • Designed and tested in the Candian Rockies against the harsh conditions
  • One of the lightest power meters on the market today
  • Product status indication LED light – for wake (green), zero offset (blue), and low battery (red)
  • Active temperature compensation
  • Over the air firmware and upgrades
  • Coin cell-powered, CR2032
  • Compatible with 3rd party training apps such as Zwift, Trainer Road, SYSTEM, and more
  • 3-year warranty
  • Price: $324.00

4iii PRECISION 3 PowerMeter TT Bike

4iiii PRECISION 3 Specifications

Accuracy : +/- 1%
Battery type: CR2032
Battery life: up to 800 hours
Waterproof rating: IPx7
Cadence range: 30-170 RPM
Power Range: 0 – 4000W
Unit Length: 63.79mm
Unit width: 26.42mm
Height 5.5mm
Weight 9g
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Storage Temperature: 40 to 60°C
Communication Protocols: ANT+, Bluetooth

For more information check out: 4iiiii.com

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2 years ago

You guys are missing one ‘i’ in the 4iiii naming (supposed to be 4, not just 3), which lead to me missing your article on a Google search. This is true in the heading and body of your article. Worth correcting that when you can.

Zach Overholt
2 years ago
Reply to  Chader

Thanks for the heads up! Fixed.

2 years ago
Reply to  Zach Overholt

@Zach Overholt… You should charge $250 for buying a vowel like on Wheel of Fortune. 🙂

Zach Overholt
2 years ago
Reply to  alloycowboy

That, or 4iiii would be the hardest Wordle ever!

Tony Pepperoni
Tony Pepperoni
2 years ago

7.5mm -> 5.5mm is 26.67% thinner, not 40% thinner. You are using 7.5 as the reference, not 5.5, because that is the result of the equation. Bikerumor “Engineers” can feel free to pipe up and tell me how wrong this is.

Collin S
Collin S
2 years ago
Reply to  Tony Pepperoni

Percent difference calculation is

(V1-V2)/((V1+V2)/2) * 100 =
7.5-5.5/((7.5+5.5)/2)*100 =

Tom Holmes
Tom Holmes
2 years ago
Reply to  Collin S

Tony is correct, the change is from 7.5. 26.67% of 7.5 is 2. 7.5 – 2 is 5.5. Therefore it is 26.67% lighter than 7.5.

Collin S
Collin S
2 years ago
Reply to  Tony Pepperoni

It appears you just did 1-(5.5/7.5)*100=26.6 which is not the right way to do the percent difference. See my response below.

2 years ago

Hey guys, minor typo – “Storage Temperature” is from 440 to 60 deg C? That might need correction methinks.

Otherwise…wow. That power efficiency trickery is impressive if they’ve got the battery life lasting 800 hours from the 100+ of the second-generation model I have (which I am very happy with BTW).

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