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First Look: Ortlieb Atrack BP puts modular, waterproof bikepacking bags on your back

Ortlieb Atrack BP backpack, 25L modular waterproof bikepacking backpack made in Germany
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The new Ortlieb Atrack BP backpack expands your waterproof adventure hauling capacity, by putting a modular bikepacking bag onto your back. To cyclists, Ortlieb always means a waterproof way to haul gear on the bike. For years that really meant just panniers, but the rise of light rackless touring saw Ortlieb produce the most comprehensive set of 100% waterproof bikepacking bags I’ve ever used.

But sometime that’s just not enough space, especially in the worst weather or on mountain bikes where a full suite of packs just won’t fit. So now Ortlieb have expanded their backpack offerings, blurring the lines between bikepacking and carrying gear off the bike…

Ortlieb Atrack BP modular, waterproof bikepacking backpack

Ortlieb Atrack BP backpack, 25L modular waterproof bikepacking backpack made in Germany

We actually already got a look at the waterproof Atrack last fall when Ortlieb teased the unconventional backpack design for multi-sport use. Essentially a waterproof, zip-up duffel bag with shoulder straps, the Ortlieb Atrack flipped that idea on its head by putting the zipper against your back. Now in addition to the original multi-use backpack, Ortlieb has two new biking-specific models – the BP for bike packing & CR for commuter riding – adapted for improved performance on the bike.

Ortlieb Atrack BP & CR – Tech details

Ortlieb Atrack BP backpack, 25L modular waterproof bikepacking backpack made in Germany

Both the new bikepacking and commuter packs share the same general 25L body configuration as the smallest of the original Atrack backpacks – already long & narrow, making for a good fit while pedaling.

The bags get a wide clamshell zip design that makes it easy to get inside. Loosen the long main body strap on the outside, then when you unzip Ortlieb’s standard waterproof zipper, the entire pack folds open to access you gear – with four internal zippered pouch pockets to organize gear. Once you zip it back up, cinch the main strap down again to pack the bag tight. Unlike most backpack duffels, you take the Atrack off you back and can lay it onto the wet, muddy ground to open up – since the opening is against your back, the straps stay out of the mud!

Users of any Ortlieb zip will know, it takes a lot of effort to open & close the zipper. But Ortlieb puts durable 100% waterproof performance above everything. And when fully closed, this bag is rated IP67 waterproof. That means no water will get in if it is fully submerged one meter deep under water for 309 minutes – and that’s guaranteed for five years of use.

Ortlieb Atrack BP backpack, 25L modular waterproof bikepacking backpack made in Germany

On the outside, all of the Atrack backpacks feature 5 or 6 rows of daisy chain strap-on slots. The Ortlieb Atrack BP includes ‘bikepacking collection orange’ compression straps, one built-in long strap and two removable ones to cinch the pack down so it won’t move around while riding. That long strap also includes a simple carrier that you can hook through the vents on most helmets to carry it on top of the pack (folded flat out of the way under the orange strap, above).

The standard model also includes those two cinch straps, which also serve as attachment points for optional kits to secure anything from a skateboard to skis. There are also add-on kits to secure larger helmets, or just more gear. And inside is attachment for a hydration bladder, with a waterproof port/plug to route the hose outside for access.

Ortlieb Atrack BP backpack, 25L modular waterproof bikepacking backpack made in Germany

The bags also share the same widely adjustable height back design, which attaches the shoulder straps to an external plastic bracket & metal rod structure. Slide them up & down easily to fit a wide range of users comfortably. The BP & CR models get the same mesh padded shoulder straps with a sternum strap. But they use a special slimmed down set of hip pads (black mesh) with a thin strap waist belt for comfort while pedaling. The strap itself is also removable if you prefer.

Ortlieb Atrack backpacks for all sports – Pricing & availability

Ortlieb Atrack backpacks, modular waterproof bikepacking backpack made in Germany 25L 35L 45L

The Ortlieb Atrack is now available in three main models, three pack sizes, plus another fit option for shorter users – all 100% waterproof. This 180€ Ortlieb Atrack BP (1300g) is the bikepacking version with 25L of internal storage, constructed of the same abrasion resistant gray fabric as the rest of their bikepacking range, a helmet hook, and 2 matching orange compression straps.

The all-black 170€ Atrack CR (1220g) is the commuter variant (photo at top) with 25L capacity, sharing the same modular construction & expansion capabilities, but with a full polyurethane coated woven nylon body fabric and the same bike commute friendly slim waist belt.

The standard Atrack backpacks share the same waterproof woven construction of the CR, but with more color. The small 25L pack (1430g) sells for 180€, medium 35L pack (1470g) for 190€, and the large 45L (1560g) pack for 200€. All sizes are available in black, red, or mustard with a blue main strap matching the vented mesh of the shoulder straps and the wider, padded waist belt with pockets.

There is also now an Atrack ST or short torso version that comes in 180€ 25L (1410g) and 190€ 34L (1450g). All of the details remain the same, but about 3cm shorter overall Ortlieb scaled down the adjustable padded back, shoulder straps & hip belt wings to better fit women or other shorter torso users.

Parting thoughts on an Atrack bikepacking backpack

Ortlieb Atrack BP backpack, 25L modular waterproof bikepacking backpack made in Germany
photo c. Ortlieb

I personally don’t want a pack on my back for most bikepacking outings. Over the long haul mean I don’t want any weight on my back, comfort being the key factor & a reminder to pack light. But, I’ve also done a number of shorter trips where I just needed more gear. Overnight winter bikepacking required me to pull a trailer, just to haul enough gear to stay warm even for shorter days of pedaling. And the whole family sub 24 hour overnighter trip with my two kids just meant more stuff for me to carry. In both of these instances, waterproof storage on my back would have been a good solution.

So far, I’ve packed the Ortlieb Atrack BP up and commuted with it, not yet heading out on any adventures. At almost a kilo and a half it isn’t very light, but the bag is comfortable & secure when pedaling. And with cold & wet winter weather, it’s reassuring to know that my gear is protected by Ortlieb level waterproofing.

All of the 100% waterproof Atrack packs are made in Germany, totally PVC-free, and available now.


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3 years ago

interesting design, especially the zipper placement!

I currently use a 25L mavic bag, its lighter and it has a rain cover (ie its not waterproof, but works fine in the rain). Not sure if this one’s better or not, but it seems to get quite a few things right (like the vented/oversized padding..) except the price maybe haha.

I hope there will be more bags like this in the future. You can’t always put it all on the bike especially with MTBs.

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