First Pic of Docking Station as London’s Cycle Hire Scheme Draws Nearer


Here’s a picture of the first fully completed docking station, on Southwark Street, for London’s municipal cycle hire scheme…

(*rant* which I refuse to call ‘Barclay’s Cycle Hire’. Other cities get cool names why are we stuck with a bank? */rant*)

From July 30, Londoners and visitors will be able to pick up a bike from one of the 400 docking stations round the capital and, for a small daily charge, ride it and return it to any other docking station in the city. The first half and hour of use is free, with charges incrementally increasing as time goes by.

There’s Transport For London’s official info here, and a rather patronising how-to here. Keep an eye also on for a map of all locations and a forthcoming iPhone app.

Picture credit: Londonist.

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