First rides: Specialized Trail collection goes light weight with Trail Air short, jersey & much more

Specialized 2022 Trail clothing covers all the bases for volatile spring riding conditions. The line hits the essentials with shorts, jerseys, and gloves but also gives more options with trail pants, packable rain jackets, and color options that fit most styles — and look good covered in dirt.

Specialized 2022 Trail Clothing pants doted

Photo credit: Specialized Bikes

The Trail riding clothing category is a wide one, most companies offer some options, but “trail” can cover many different riding styles. Specialized leans more towards the baggy pants, “let’s send it” bunch, but still holds onto the chamois and SWAT gear that bridged the cross country gap in the first place.

Specialized 2022 Trail Clothing riding

The new line offers technical-focused, comfortable riding gear with colors that stand out but don’t scream “look at me!” (mostly).

Specialized 2022 Trail Clothing jersey

Specialized 2022 Trail Clothing

The Specialized 2022 Trail Clothing catalog is extensive, with over 20 pieces… offering men’s and women’s-specific clothing or plain black unisex for those that enjoy a muted color pallet. For those who want more color on their rides, clothing comes in a pleasing pastel color story, mixed with earth tones and mineral washes, giving the pieces more personality than straight-up sublimation. The line includes something for everyone, from the die-hard trail specialist to the once-a-year baggies XC racer. Here are some pieces that stood out to us:

Specialized Trail Air Short

Specialized Trail 2022 shorts


  • Bonded pocket bag with a zipper opening provides a convenient, secure space to store your trail essentials.
  • Laser perforated venting doesn’t detract from the durability or performance of the shorts.
  • Buckle waist adjustments ensure an easily customizable and dialed-in fit.
  • Price: $130.00
  • Sizes: 26-44

Specialized Trail Air Jersey

Specialized 2022 Trail Clothing sun kissed


  • Mineral washed fabric further increases its softness and gives each piece a unique final appearance.
  • The modal blend is highly sustainable and feels fantastic against your skin.
  • Crew neck collar keeps things casual and comfortable.
  • Price: $80.00 (Long sleeve) $60.00 (Short Sleeve)
  • Sizes: XS-XXL

Specialized Trail Pants

Specialized Trail 2022 pants


  • Three zippered pockets provide secure storage.
  • Laser perforated venting doesn’t detract from the durability or performance of the shorts.
  • Buckle waist adjustments ensure an easily customizable and dialed-in fit.
  • Tapered legs help to prevent anything from getting caught in the chain
  • Price: $145.00
  • Sizes:26-44

Specialized 2022 Trail Clothing — First Impressions ride review

We were lucky to check out some of the new Specialized Trail clothing before the launch, and our east coast weather behaved well for once. We received the new Specialized Air Trail short and Specialized Air Trail Jersey (both long and short sleeve) for review. The oddly warm weather matched the spirit of the collection, with a mix of cold mornings and hot afternoons.

Specialized Trail Air short, and Trail jersey side

From the first look, I was curious about the operation of the shoe ratchet-style waist adjustment on the Air Trail shorts. I felt like it could create a hot spot or rub into the thinner fabric.

Specialized Trail Air short, and Trail jersey ratchet belt

After trying the shorts on and wearing them, though, it disappeared. I enjoyed the fit of the shorts as well; it’s right in between cross county and enduro styling, comfortable while looking good on the bike. The color is Tropical Teal, admittedly not one that I would seek out on my own, but I came to like.

Specialized Trail Air short, and Trail jersey seams

The fabrication and quality of the shorts are top-notch. The lack of stitching and reinforced seams are more like design features and less like load-bearing structures.

Specialized Trail Air short, and Trail jersey pocket

The garment has a super tailored fit and lays flat even with the ratcheting buckle. The waist has a “U” shape, a bit longer in the back, shorter in the front, but it feels natural on and off the bike, the same with the fabric selection. They don’t make that snow-pant sound; they wear more like a workout short than a piece of riding gear.

Specialized Trail Air short, and Trail jersey reinforced

The Specialized Air Trail shirts are an excellent counter piece to the Air shorts. You can tell they are part of the same line, but both pieces work well independently of each other. The mineral wash is very cool, and the hand of the Modal fabric is soft like a worn-in sweatshirt.

Specialized Trail Air short, and Trail jersey tapped seam

Specialized 2022 Trail Clothing — Final thoughts

The Specialized Trail clothing was a nice change to my regular gear on the bike. As far as spring weather goes, Specialized Air clothing is best for the warmer days. The shorts have very breathable material that’s wind passes through quickly, but in the forest, you don’t notice as much as when exposed on the ridgelines.

Specialized Trail Air short, and Trail jersey seat

The Air shorts are highly stretchy and move nicely. I found them to allow my natural movement on the bike, and the material played well with my saddle. The short seat is tight, but you hardly notice* because of the high elastane content of the fabric. This tightness helps keep the shorts from snagging on your saddle on drops and rolling larger features.

*Depending on your fit, you may have different results. Zach found the fit to be too tight in the seat, but sizing up meant that he had the ratchet fully tightened on the waist, and the waist was still a bit loose.

Specialized Trail Air short, and Trail jersey bottom

Both the long and short sleeves of the Air jersey are great companions to the Air short. I prefer the long after riding in both the short and long sleeves. The fabric is nice and soft and is pretty abrasion resistant if you wear a pack. The material is breathable enough to vent when the morning chill wears off and the after sun heats up.

Specialized Trail Air short, and Trail jersey seams

After many spring miles on the trails, I can say I am happy with the performance of the Specialized Trail clothing we received. The gear washed very nicely after some muddy days on the bike and didn’t hold onto the mud color like most. Above all, it’s comfortable; they could be warmer, but that’s why they make the pants and jackets (and why these are called ‘Air’).

For more information on the Specialized Trail collection check out:

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