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Fizik Gravita Tensor and Versor MTB shoes go DH, with flat and clipless options

fizik mtb shoes enduro downhill gravita gravity series versor tensor flats clipless
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Hot on the tail of Fizik’s eMTB flats are two all-new mountain biking shoes for enduro and downhill. Fizik Gravita denotes their new Gravity Series, populated today by the Tensor and Versor MTB shoes. Both have a clean, ergonomic aesthetic and are available in flat-pedal and clipless options. Here’s everything you need to know.

Fizik Gravita Versor

fizik gravita versor flat pedal mtb shoe side view

Fizik kindly sent along a pair of Gravita Versor flat-pedal shoes for us to test out, my first ride impressions of which you can find below. First, we cover the anatomy of this shoe, and what makes it suitable for its enduro and downhill intentions.

fizik gravita versor flats inside view

The Fizik Gravita Versor is a far more understated, slimmer shoe than the Tensor. Still, it gets a host of features that make it a durable shoe worthy of riding through rugged terrain.

fizik gravita versor toe box

For example, the upper is composed of a lightweight Ripstop fabric while the toe box and heel gets PU lamination in this high-wear region. The toe box is stiff, indicating some reinforcement here.

fizik gravita versor pu lamintaed heel dh mtb shoes

Both the flats and clipless versions of the Versor shoe are lace-up only. They use Fizik’s ergonomic design whereby the laces track up the outside of the shoe’s upper, offset from the centre line.

fizik gravita versor dh enduro mtb shoes laceup flats

The laces on my test sample are an appropriate length; an elasticated strap placed half way down the tongue secures any excess lace (of which there isn’t much at all).

What about the outsole?

fizik gravita versor vibram mega grip outsole

The most important anatomical feature of any MTB shoe is the bit that contacts the pedal. All of Fizik’s Gravita shoes get their X6 outsole, coated with Vibram’s MegaGrip rubber. At the pedal interface, rounded lugs have a smooth surface and are low in profile (~2mm tall).

fizik gravita versor outsole tread pattern zonal lugs textured

At the toe and heel regions, the lugs are larger and have a slightly textured surface. Presumably this is to add a bit of friction to help with grip when pushing back up the trail. 

fizik gravita versor clipless cleat box

On the clipless version, an “extended” cleat box sits slightly inboard of centre and measures up at 75mm long and 40mm wide on the size 42 shoe. The track itself is 32mm giving you that much range to play with regarding the placement of the cleat. Depth is around 6mm. 

fizik gravita versor cleat bvox 32mm adjustable cleat position

The flat pedal Fizik Gravita Versor is more flexible than the clipless version, lacking a nylon shank. Fizik say stiffness is more important in the clipless shoe for efficient power transfer throughout the pedal stroke. The flat shoe has a stiffness index of 2 whereas the clipless Versor has a stiffness index of 5.

fizik gravita versor clipless mtb shoe dh enduro riding

Both versions get an EVA mid-sole for comfort and impact absorption. Inside the shoe lies a cushioned arch-supporting insole.

fizik gravita arch support insole

First Ride Impressions: Versor Flats

fizik gravita versor ergonomic laceup closure comfortable secure feelThis really is a first ride impression, having only had time to get a couple of laps in on the Versor flats this morning. The fit and comfort of these flat pedal mountain bike shoes is outstanding. My heel sits deep within the shoe, enough to feel properly secure and the ergonomic lace-up closure distributes pressure evenly across the top of the foot. 

fizik gravita versor mtb shoe arch support insole
The exact same length Gravita insole with arch support in our EU 38 shoe also goes in sizes 38.5, 39, 39.5 and 40.

What about the grip? Unfortunately, the Vibram Megagrip sole doesn’t match the incredible grip I’ve recently enjoyed on Specialized’s RIME and 2FO DH flats. I’m going to say the level of grip is merely reasonable, though there is no getting around the fact that my feet are bouncing off the pedals with a greater frequency than I’ve become accustomed to.

fizik gravita versor flat shoe eu 38 weighs 285g
The Fizik Gravita Versor flat pedal MTB shoe is lightweight; my EU size 38 weighed in at 285g

That said, I think Fizik have got the stiffness of these flat pedal shoes right. I’m definitely a fan of more flexible mountain biking shoes, especially when it comes to flats, as I feel they give you better feedback from the bike and what your suspension is up to.

Fizik Gravita Tensor


The Gravita Tensor mountain bike shoes are the far more robust-looking of the two new offerings from Fizik, largely due to the significantly raised inner ankle area and the velcro strap that stretches across the lace region. Both the flats and clipless options get this rather more bulky aesthetic.

fizik gravita tensor dh enduro mtb shoe velcro strap ergolace

It is these two aforementioned features that set the Tensor apart from the Versor. The Powerstrap over the instep of the shoes is said to secure the fit, stabilizing the plantar
arch, locking the heel in place while also keeping laces in check.

fizik gravita tensor flat pedal mtb shoe vibram megagrip outsole rubber

The Tensor flat gets the same shank-less X6 outsole featuring the Vibram MegaGrip rubber as the Versor flat. The clipless version also gets the same extended cleat box we see on the Versor clipless shoe. Again, the flat shoe has a stiffness index of 2 whereas the nylon shank-featuring clipless counterpart has a stiffness index of 5.

fizik gravita tensor clipless shoe cleat box track

Pricing & Availability

The Fizik Gravita Versor and Tensor MTB Shoes, both flat and clipless options, are available in seizes 36-48, with 37 to 47 also available in half sizes. Each are available in a range of colorways. Head to the Fizik website for more details.


Flat – £124.99 / €129 / $139.99
Clipless – £129.99 / €139 / $149.99


Flat – £164.99 / €169 / $169.99
Clipless – £174.99 / €179 / $179.99


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