FlyFit Puts Activity Tracking on your Ankle for Integrated Cycling Function


While there is no shortage of options for wearable activity tracking these days, not many solutions take the cyclist into mind. Enter the FlyFit, which solves the cycling dilemma with a simple solution, putting the tracker around your ankle where its on-board sensors can track and decipher leg movement. The ankle tracking allows it to combine the everyday tracking from regular movements throughout your day and sleep tracking to more targeted sport activity data collection from cycling, as well as running and even swimming. Linked together with a powerful smartphone app, Flyfit offers one of the most comprehensive tracking solutions on the market. Check out the details, pricing, and availability after the break…


Flyfit aims to be the one device you need to track all types of activity. Part of that is a virtue of combining the relatively simple motion tracking with a powerful app-based visualization tool that can be continually developed to offer more and deeper functionality. The Flyfit has a simple LED panel that shows each of its main tracking functions, like regular day time activity of walking, running, cycling, stair climbing and swimming, as well as length and quality of sleep. Its ankle-based measurement also makes it idea for stationary fitness training like riding on an indoor trainer that otherwise would require an additional measurement device.


The Flyfit was developed with backing from a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, out of which the company has made the transition to a stable business model. At $170 and available now (plus $15 shipping in the US and $25 internationally), it’ll set you back a bit more than the basic Fitbits that it is going up against, but forgoes the heart rate or GPS tracking of the higher end competitors in lieu of leg tracking and a lower price.


FlyFit_bike-stats FlyFit_run-stats

FlyFit_swim-stats FlyFit_sleep-stats

By tracking leg movement vs. arm movement the Flyfit is able to get a better sense for a broader range of activities. With its gesture recognition it automatically identified different types of movement and tallies your stats accordingly. Being waterproof and storing data in the tracker module itself to be later synced with a smartphone, it is one of the few devices that provides its full tracking capability from swim to bike to run.

FlyFit_colors FlyFit_tech-details

The Flyfit band itself is made of Silicone and comes in 5 colors, with the removable sensor/tracker. The tracker module itself is completely waterproof and includes a basic set of 4 LED indicators that let you know it is working, without draining power. And since it is on your ankle you only really look at it to check that it is turned on and doing what you want. The rechargeable Li-ion battery lasts 5-7 days in its offline syncing mode or 8 hours of full realtime data syncing with a smart phone to live track an activity.

FlyFit_app-interface FlyFit_cycling-app-view

Communication is with Bluetooth 4.0 to an iOS or Android app that both live tracks activity and provides overall activity stats, analysis, and sleep quality. It even lets you compete against your self and compare with your friends to set activity achievements. The app pulls in your phone’s GPS data for detailed mapping and integrated cycling functionality, displaying activity time, speed, cadence, distance, and calories burned.

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6 years ago

I don’t want to notice a fitness tracker. after years of not wearing watches, I notice things on my wrists. I really wonder if I wouldn’t notice an anklet as well, personally.

Plus, people will think you’re on house arrest. XD

6 years ago

Besides the triathlon app, how is this an improvement on GPS units or other real-time bike computer feedback?
Maybe it breaks down your different activities like walking, running or sex.

6 years ago

They’re really showing cadence in rph (revolutions per hour, I assume)? Wow, then I’d see a cadence of about 5700rph on the FlyFit if used it for cycling? Please tell me that rph stands for something else or that the FlyFit marketing department made a tragic error.

6 years ago

When people are sentenced to home detention for some crimes, they are tracked 24/7 with a black ankle bracelet. It’s bigger than the FlyFit, but I’m willing to bet the first thing people will think from across the schoolyard is not “that person is trackibng their fitness”.

6 years ago
Reply to  Rob

“Check out the details, pricing, and availability after the break…”

I can’t find the details like where to buy it. Even the website says it’s “coming soon”.

This sounds better than the FitBits which don’t record cycling accurately and die in under a year.