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Custom Italian carbon – sounds expensive, right? Formigli wants you to rethink that notion. Somehow, the Italian road bicycle company founded by Renzo Formigli, who apprenticed under Cino Cinelli is able to offer custom built Italian carbon masterpieces for less than a comparable Pinarello. While the price is dependent on the build since everything is custom from geometry to the tubes to the paint, Formigli claims their Genesi frame is $2000 less than a Pinarello Dogma frame. Formigli also offers custom steel and aluminum bicycles if a classic lugged steel frame is more your speed.

Formigli recently announced an international shipping program that allows customers from anywhere in the world to ride a custom bike straight from Florence. The big news however, is that Formigli is about to release a new model. Find out more, after the break.

Formigli One

In a month, Formigli is set to release their latest frame – something that they say happens only once every 5 years. Called The ONE, all we have to go by is this small teaser from their Facebook but if it’s anything like the rest of their bikes it will prbably be beautiful. Apparently, the president of Continental Tire in Italy has already bought one – so probably not the one shown here with Mavic tires.

Formigli womens carbonr oad bike italian black6

Technically any of Formigli’s bikes could be a women’s bike since they are all custom, but Formigli does offer two different carbon and one steel women’s specific bicycles including the carbon Iris above. Formigli carbon frames are constructed using a tube-to-tube construction with tubes made for them in Florence by a specialist that also makes parts for Ducati and Ferrari. It’s this tube-to-tube method that allows for custom geometry since a rigid mold isn’t needed.

Paint for each model is custom as well, with the final colors and graphics designed to the customer’s choice.

Formigli SS-02

The steel Classic, is indeed well, classic. With gorgeous high polished lugs in gold or chrome, the silver brazed frames are constructed from CrMo4 tubing which Renzo views as the highest quality steel for a Silver brazed frame. Like the carbon bikes, the Classic is a custom bike with individualized geometry and paint.



  1. kurti_sc on

    yes, yes, italian made frames can be somewhat attainable. Formiglio, Moser, and Sarto are doing it right. Some US builders, like Alchemy and Cysco are right there with ’em on price and options and it’s just a preference thing.I eventually settled on purchasing one of these. I won’t say which one to prevent bias, but will say that i was astounded by what can be charged for some Pinarello (chinarellos) or Colnago frames. if you are willing to look, you don’t have to buy an asian made frame. I’m not saying they are bad, hell, i’ve enjoyed and ridden the fool out of my current asian made frame and some of the stuff coming from Cervelo and Scott show that they are leading technologies. But at least with these other manufacturers, you have a choice to an asian made frame.

  2. Anthony on

    I love my Pinarello Dogma 2, but the frame is very expensive compare to buying a custom Formigli. I’m probably buying a Formigli for my your build.

  3. Fragglepussthechaste on

    It will be interesting to see what kind of turn around times will come with these orders given the year + wait we have here in the US from some of the custom steel guys.


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