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Formula Launches New R.O. Downhill Brakes with Oval Pistons, Replaces The One

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UPDATE: We’re waiting on pics from Formula.

Formula has just unveiled their new R.O. hydraulic mountain bike disc brakes, which replaces The One as their main downhill stopper.

The name is an abbreviation for Radial Master Cylinder / Oval Piston, which pretty much sums up the key differences between it and The One. Formula says it’s the first oval shaped caliper pistons and that they provide the power of a 4-piston caliper but with a stiffer, more compact design. Numbers wise, it translates to 15% more power than The One. It has a vented, forged caliper body with top loading sintered metallic pads.

The master cylinder uses a forged, flip-flop “Ergo Radial” body with an “ultra high capacity” reservoir. The lever blade  is forged, and you have the option of getting it with their FCS (free stroke adjust) and MiXmaster mounts for attaching SRAM’s X-series shifters directly to the master cylinder, keeping the cockpit sparse and clean.

Rotor info, weights, more pics and all that info in convenients bullet point form after the break…

Master Cylinder

  • Forged Flip-Flop Ergo-Radial Body
  • Forged lever blade w/ integrated tool free reach adjust.
  • Ultra High Capacity Reservoir
  • Optional FCS adjuster (lever free stroke)
  • Optional MiXmaster for mating X series shifters directly to the MC.


  • Industry First Oval Caliper Pistons provide the power of a 4 piston caliper with a stiffer more compact design.
  • 15% more power than TheONE.
  • Forged Caliper body
  • Top loading high performance sintered metallic pads
  • Vented caliper


  • 1pcs : 160, 180, 203
  • 2pcs: 160, 180, 203 – 2 piece rotors increase brake performance and rotor durability.


  • Weight: 337g
  • Price: TBD
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12 years ago

I hope it works. My first gen ones were horrible and left a bad taste in my mouth and pocket. SO much much money for such and unreliable brake.

Rob B
Rob B
12 years ago

My own couple of forays into using Formula have been awful. The B4SL had porous master cylinders and it took the third warranty set to get some that could be bleed and made to work. And then the banyo bolts kept cracking and reservoir bladders did not last long at all. The OroPuros I tried next had a plastic master cylinder that swelled up and locked the brakes on. The retrofit was alu and while it worked okay it continually wept fluid, wrecked all the paint and req frequent bleeding. Otherwise I’ve used XTR and Magura Martas with fantastic success and minimal maintenance. No more Italian “quality” for me.

12 years ago

My experience with Oro Puros was excellent. Zero problems. Great feel. Still believe they were the best brake I’ve owned (and I’ve owned a lot of brakes) and I wish I hadn’t sold them with the bike. Biggest downside to running Formula brakes: nobody stocks pads.

12 years ago

I’ve been running a set of R1s (2010) for a year now, easy setup and no reliability problems. Trimming hoses and bleeding was pretty straightforward when I made some cockpit changes. I’ve been quite happy with them.

12 years ago

I run Formula R1s in my Marathon bike and I used to think they was the best brakes ever -I have tested and/or owned almost everything out there-, so when the time came for me to renew my AM ride I didn’t hasitate to go for another set of Formulas (’11 The One) expecting some of the same great braking characteristics from the R1s, but The One’s totally exceeded even my craziest expectations. Those brakes are out of this world amazing!!!!
Formula set the bar crazy high with The One brakes, It will be interesting to see if improving what’s already perfect is actually possible.
If your definition of “perfect brakes” involves superior and consistent braking performance, low easy maintenance in a light weight uber stiff package, go for Formula. If you want your brakes to look pretty and perform ok, go for anything else.

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