Gilles Berthoud is a French saddle manufacturer that takes raw, hand selected rump leather and turns it into these beautiful saddles and other leather parts and accessories. They dye the leather in house, giving them complete control over the finished good, and make their rails and some other parts in house, too. Another difference between these and other leather saddles is the use of a composite subframe, which helps with shock absorption without adding the bulk and weight of springs. The attention to fit, finish and detail is impressive…


The brass hardware is custom made for them and allows quick replacement or repair should the need arise. Rails are either stainless steel or titanium, all of which adds up to a saddle that should last a lifetime.



Other goods include bar end plugs and fender flaps, among others, to finish the look.




If you need to add a little color to that murdered out bike, Supacaz has something that should match just about any team kit or other accent pieces you’ve got. The Super Sticky Kush tape comes in single color, dual color, Starfade print and logo print options. The material is a super tacky polyurethane that comes in 30mm wide rolls with a 3mm thickness. It’s washable, durable, includes matching aluminum end plugs and finishing tape. Retail is $40.



Mozartt lays claim to producing the Darren Berrecloth signature series Presto chain guide with built-in bash guard. It’s ultra robust, made for things like Rampage and Crankworx, using a 5.5mm thick aluminum backplate with both forged 7075AL and stainless steel hardware. It’ll handle 32-38 tooth chainrings and comes in ISCG and ISCG05 versions (weights 152g to 157g) for €129. There’s also a steel backplate version for €74 that comes in at 199g.


The Piano chain guide comes in High Direct Mount and S3 Mount versions. Both weigh in at 40g. The High mount (left) fits 28-38tooth rings, including oval chainrings, while the S3 fits 30-38 tooth round rings. Retail is €39.



Carbocage’s all carbon chain guides and small parts continue to impress not just because they’re all carbon fiber, but because of the layered detail in each parts craftsmanship. The Custom Edition guide/guard above comes in various flavors, including one for the Canfield Jedi, letting bike brands get something just for their specific suspension kinematics and layout. This one’s for the Specialized Demo DH bike.



Dress up the rest of your bike with things like the direct mount stem spacers or seat clamps. Got time to kill? Check out their website for plenty more bike bling that you totally don’t need.


  1. Damian Bradley on

    Typo alert – Gilles Berthoud, not Gilles Berthold as per the link title. We sell them at The Bicycle Tailor and they’re exceptional products across the whole lineup. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  2. luddite on

    Carbon seems like a terrible material choice for a bash guard – fails catastrophically on impact rather than bending. This is a one-hit disposable product!


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