Another cool -and funded- Kickstarter campaign, the FlyKly Smart Wheel is an app-integrated, modular rear wheel that turns most any bike into an e-bike.

Offering an efficient and neatly-packaged electronic assist, the smartphone (and Pebble watch) integration allows for a wide range of control as well as additional handy features. The Smart Wheel boasts a 20 mph top speed, a 30 mile range, and a 2-3 hour charge time. An easy way to give your existing bike an e-boost, the unit is completely cable-free and makes great strides in making batteries less unsightly.

More photos, features and video below the fold…

Billed as a time-saving, energy-conserving (of the human variety) upgrade, the FlyKly Smart Wheel offers a relatively inexpensive opportunity at the convenience of an e-bike. All while not wastefully retiring your old, but beloved, bike. The 250W unit weighs just 9lbs which the creators feel is a good balance of power and weight.

flykly-breakaway-battery flykly-stair-climbing

Complementing the wheel/motor is a feature-rich piece of software for iPhone, Android, and the Pebble watch. Top speed is set within the app and then it’s just a matter of pedaling – the Smart Wheel makes all the adjustments. Useful metrics (speed, distance, travel time, battery level) are monitored and displayed. As you ride, it can study your cycling habits and suggest better routes. You can even share your data with cycling groups and city planners to assist with cycling infrastructure. And the wheel can be electronically locked for a degree of ride-off theft protection. The ‘Smart’ name is fitting.


Open-source by design, the FlyKly folks encourage tinkering and improvements and will offer a Software Development Kit. Included in the box with the Smart Wheel is the Smart Light, a smartphone mount/charger/front light, adding to the usefulness of the kit.

flykly-phone-mount-front flykly-phone-mount-above

Check out FlyKly’s Kickstarter page or website for more info.



  1. MaLóL on

    exactly, this is a rip-off. And I hope I don’t get censored again. thanks bike rumour for posting rip offs. this is worse than stealing a bike from the street.

  2. Alex on

    Dude’s bike fit is absolute shit, and the chain tension is way off in the video. Why is it that Kickstarter attracts “designers” that have no clue about cycling at all?

  3. frank on

    #1 So this thing limits you to having a singlespeed?

    #2 Can they make it in a front wheel version? That way it doesn’t mess with your drivetrain and you get AWD for the winter.

  4. patrik on

    There needs to be a Fantasy-to-Reality index on Kickstarter projects. As in: This is something we thought up while drinking a trendy drink in a trendy SF neighborhood bar/laundromat/bike shop, but we really have no idea how we will ever make this, but we wanted to see how much Kickstarter cash we could generate. A man’s gotta dream, right?!

  5. LD on

    Copenhagen wheel offers licensing…….. could this be a licensed Copenhagen wheel ?……. if so it could be offered under another name………..hmmm.

  6. censor on


    electricity and bikes = fat and lazy

    your living on the wrong planet. this is the petro planet.

    your marketing to the frutarian planet.

    epic fail, to complex for most users.

  7. votre mere on

    it was all worth it to them, because they got 2 put “4:20 PM” on their screen shots of their apps. in case you didn’t know, that’s a hip, cultural reference to cannabis consuming culture.
    this is marketing genius, tying one hip, edgy, culture to another, hip, edgy, culture. it is certain to succeed among the urban youth demographic, ages 19-45.
    people in urban areas like to have everything they own controlled and monitored by their electronic consumer devices, such as smart phones and tablet PCs. they like to use these consumer goods and software applications conspicuously in crowded, urban environments. when other consumers see these people, they want to have the same possessions and experiences, and to be held in the same esteem by their peers.

  8. JC on

    I love the concept, to allow to have 2 bikes in one, easily and quickly. But there is a lot of things to finalize and upgrade……

  9. plebs on

    I like how it comes with your tyre attached, so you don’t have to have any skill to fit it. And it works with the quick release, so you can be confident it won’t move in the dropouts.

  10. Reuben on

    I wonder how long it will be before an app controlled ebike powers someone through a red light into the path of an oncoming car…


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