These limited edition violet anodised cranksets from Italian transmission componentry brand, INGRID, would’ve been pretty hard to miss at the recent Chris King Open House. Every year, Chris King host a builder showcase, this year showing 18 custom frame builders bikes, including an 80s inspired fully rigid Speedvagen MTB, featuring the INGRID components crankset and drivetrain. Hooked by these wicked looking POP cranks, we thought to investigate INGRID further, and learn what other niche bicycle drivetrain goodies they offer.

INGRID components

Turns out, those cranksets are just the tip of the INGRID components iceberg. These guys have been cranking out lightweight high-end drivetrain components for several years, and their offering encompasses transmission components across cycling disciplines; from gravel, to road, to XC and Enduro & DH. Pretty impressive for a small company who say their rainson d’être is to “design and produce components for transmission for bicycles with the aim of offering a niche alternative to the big three, working on build quality, reliability and functionality”. Cool!

INGRID CRS-POP Crankset for XC & Gravel


Available in Black and Titanium colorways, the INGRID CRS-POP cranksets have a super funky dimpled finish

A full aluminium crankcase, the CRS-POP is INGRID’s most versatile crankset, suitable for cyclocross, marathon, trail riding and gravel biking. The crank arms themselves are made from 2024 aluminium, while the 30mm axle is 7075, compatible with BSA, PF92, and BB30 in two lengths; L131 (K-factor 91.5) and L136 (K-factor and 96.5). Available in both a 170mm and a 175mm length, the latter weighs in at a claimed 520g. Currently discounted at €329, the CRS-POP crankset is available in black and titanium, and now it seems violet(!) colorways.


INGRID also offer more traditional looking crankets in the form of the heavy duty INGRID CRS-G crankset with 172.5mm crank arms, directed at trail, enduro and downhill mountain biking. These are a bit heftier than the dimpled CRS-POP crankset, weighing in at a claimed 615g (without crown), but are available in 6 anodised colorways including, black, titanium, green, yellow, red and blue. Personally, i’d take the weight hit and go for the blue. These look very good.

INGRID Components 12 speed cassette

ingrid cassette 12s drivetrain groupset 12 speed

The INGRID 212s cassette sprockets are as follows: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42-48

The INGRID 12s cassette is a 48T10 block, designed for road, CX, gravel, marathon, XC, trail and enduro drivetrains, though its range and increments would suggest it is more suitable for MTB. Weighing in at a claimed 323g, the fully CNC-machined cassette doesn’t quite offer the range of the SRAM X01 Eagle cassette but it is a good 31g lighter. It is made up of two parts; the smallest sprockets are steel while the largest three are formed from 7075-T6 aluminum with hard anodizing treatment. INGRID say this, along with the surface and heat treatments it receives in the manufacturing process make it very resistant to wear. The cassette is compatible with XD body, 12V SRAM and SHIMANO transmissions and will set you back €339.

INGRID Components 11 speed cassette

ingrid cassette 11s drivetrain groupset 11 speed

INGRID 11s cassette offers the following sprockets: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-46

Weighing in at a claimed 294g, the INGRID 11s cassette is a 10-46 sprocket block for use across cycling disciplines. Like the 12s, it is also made up of 2 parts; the smaller sprockets are steel while the 3 largest are 7075 aluminium, and the whole block in CNC-machined. The 11s cassette is compatible with XD body and 11V SRAM transmissions, and will set you back €329.

INGRID Pipeline

INGRID are taking things up a gear with an alleged complete drivetrain and groupset for road and gravel dropping in January 2020, including an almost complete reinvention of drop bar shifters, and one derailleur to rule them all, designed for use across all disciplines. We’ll be keeping our ear to the ground.


Feature Photo courtesy of Chris King, used with permission


    • K-Pop is dangerous to your health on

      Those CRS-POP cranks are actually 50g lighter than my White Ind MR30’s, but they look waaay better. If I were you I would just suck it up push around a couple more ounces just based on looks alone.


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