There’s a new German component maker on the block, laying up lightweight carbon in Dresden since the end of last year. The engineers who created Beast decided it was time to turn their extensive composites experience from auto & aerospace industries, back to their passion for cycling. Starting with a range of carbon bars, stems, seat posts, and saddles for both road & mountain bikes, Beast has been growing their catalogue since early 2017 – delivering incredibly strong parts at some killer light weights.

Beast lightweight, durable carbon cockpit components

Beast’s engineering & product development team has been working hard to build out a catalogue of key lightweight cockpit components over the past year and a half. For the most part they have several items we typically find from boutique carbon makers – classic two-bolt seat posts, road drop and mountain flat & riser bars, even full carbon saddles & bottle cages. Beast’s goal is to offer bike parts which are light, but even above that both strong & safe.

A good example of that strong+light combination is their 240€ Beast Riser Bar. It passes the toughest handlebar test in the cycling industry (the Zedler Multiload test) and still weighs just 145g in a 780mm width, putting it on par with some of the most feathery XC-only bars.

Made in Germany

On top of quality construction they are also adding some unique finishing – offering color tinted finishes & different top layers on pretty much every component. It adds 30€ to this 350€, 112g carbon road stem with a forged faceplate. What they are doing differently seems to take place in the small details that matter, in the composites themselves, and in their in-house manufacturing process.

To make it all possible, Beast develop everything completely in-house, followed by all carbon fabrication in their Dresden, Germany workshop. While many carbon makers use light machined parts & hardware, Beast also works with other German producers on their own forged alloy elements to help improve strength and weight savings.

For now their line up encompasses mountain bike and road ready carbon cockpit components – from this 400€, 169g road bar or 260€, 135g setback post to their 80€, 17g bottle cage. To get ahold of it all you need to find one of their local dealer shops, with that network a big target of growth in the coming year.

What’s next?

We also have it on good authority (and more than just Instagram) that more new products are in the pipeline. So I’m just going to say now that we’ll need to schedule a trip in early 2018 to go give them a visit, and get a behind the scenes factory tour to see what they are working on next. There is a lot more for us to learn about Beast.


  1. Large D on

    The world needs tested and certified parts more than the untested China carbon bits avaialble on Ebay where you have no idea what you are getting but the typical person sees a cheap price.

    • Bob on

      This is such a tired and frankly BS response. There are loads of reputable manufacturers making products at inexpensive prices that have been tested and proven reliable. There are also fake dangerous pieces of crap out there too. However to blanket anything from the east as junk is just stupid on your part.

      • Large D on

        That’s exactly it, do you know what you are getting when it’s not a brand name where the expectation is they are involved in the testing and QC of their product? No you don’t, if you are buying unbranded product you can’t claim to know nor will they share any test data with you. I never said all product in the East is junk, I said unbranded product is an unknown. Reading comprehension is your friend, cheapskate.

        • Bob on

          “China carbon bits on eBay” is casting a net that includes companies that do test their products and who do have QC checks. So to say they don’t is the ignorant and BS response I am talking about. Brand name is generally a term reserved for the most popular companies whos name is easily recognizable and whos product is more expensive simply because of the name. There are lots of companies that are not a name brand but have QC and do testing. They also sell on eBay and other places.

        • Bob on

          Also, buying enve/ mkfc/ schmolke components or the like just makes you look like a mindless poser. Cause if you have to buy your own parts then you are not good enough of a rider to really benefit from gains of such minute weight differences. most of the people I see on AX lightness wheels would have better performance gains from dropping that $3k+ on some lipo then light wheels.

          • Lareg D on

            OK Bob, buy your no name stuff that may or may not be tested, I don’t care but your dentist and/or orthopedic surgeon will thank you later.

    • jxjjd on

      Madr 8n China doesnt mean untested or bad. It can be that. I get a lot more info about the testing and build of my chinese rims than i do from say, enve. It doesn’t make enve rims bad, but they’re a less veriafiable lower value. Basically all they really have is reputation, ehich yes, has a price.
      I personally like to see exatly which tests are passed and getting the rim to my specs for way less money rather tha reputation though..
      Same for stem, bars, etc though the choice there isnt nearly as good


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