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FOX Trail Trust invests $500,000 USD in Trail Network and Increasing Diversity across our sport

fox trail trust invest mtb trail development disabled riders increasing opportunities
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FOX Factory has announced the launch of Trail Trust, a charitable arm of the company, with an initial $500,000 USD already invested across three key areas; Responsible Recreation, Trail Building and Maintenance, and Expanding Opportunities to increase diversity across mountain biking and power sports. The Grow Cycling Foundation and the Bicycle Industry Employers Association are two examples of organisations that are now benefiting from over $50,000 USD of funding each. Here’s more from Fox Factory.

Press Release: FOX Factory Trail Trust

fox factory trail trust invest mtb network building maintenance

FOX Factory, maker of premium performance products that are an integral part of outdoor adventuring, embarks on a new journey today with the launch of its signature community investment program, Trail Trust.

Together with nonprofit partners worldwide, Trail Trust aims to deliver sustainable adventure to everyone. This means promoting the conscientious use of land amongst outdoor enthusiasts and protecting our shared playgrounds. It also requires expanding opportunities within the outdoor sporting industry, diversifying the populations that participate in cycling and power sports — because everyone deserves the thrill of adventure.

trail trust mtb

“Trail Trust represents FOX Factory’s commitment to the future and plays a pivotal role in activating the Planet Pillar of our FOX Factory Frontiers sustainability strategy. This is the beginning of our pursuit of a future where people and planet come first, and where adventure is never done,” said Jackie Martin, FOX Chief Purpose and Inclusion Officer. “We’re in a unique position to do more to positively impact the environments where we live, work and play — both from a responsible and safe land use perspective as well as connecting people of all backgrounds and abilities to the outdoors.”

As part of this launch, FOX has already awarded approximately $500,000 in Trail Trust funding to over 20 outdoor organizations including Grow Cycling Foundation, Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Stewardship, and Tread Lightly! to name a few. You can see the full partnership listing at www.trailtrust.com [and below].

trail trust increasing opportunities enhancing diversity disabled mtb riders

“Being a part of Trail Trust means removing physical and social barriers to allow more access for more people,” said Eric Gray, founder and executive director of Catalyst Sports. “With Fox’s support, we have been able to provide hundreds of individuals with disabilities the first-time experience of accessing trails and nature like never before.”

Trail Trust Beneficiaries to date

The Fox Factory Trail Trust has already awarded grants to twenty organisations, with the money going toward a variety of things from building pump tracks and trails for adaptive MTBs, to increasing opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to enter the cycling industry. Here’s the list of Trail Trust funded organisations so far.

  • $10,000 USD – National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA)
  • $75,000 USD – Bicycle Industry Employers Association
  • $10,000 USD – Oregon Timber Trail Alliance
  • $10,000 USD – Pisgah Area SORBA
  • $10,000 USD – Prima Tappa Athletic Club
  • $10,000 USD – RAMBO SORBA
  • $25,000 USD – Tread Lightly!
  • $35,000 USD – Taiwan Mountain Biking Association
  • $10,000 USD – Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Stewardship
  • $10,000 USD – Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship
  • $15,000 USD – ORBA One Voice Foundation
  • $5,000 USD – Bearings Bike Works
  • $10,000 USD – Catalyst Sports
  • $30,000 USD – National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council
  • $5,000 USD – Ecology Action
  • $50,000 USD – Grow Cycling Foundation
  • $15,000 USD Indigenous Youth Mountain Bike Program
  • $7,500 USD – Jasper Bike Club
  • $30,000 USD – Georgia Cycling Association
  • $25,000 USD – Post Wildfire OHV Recover Alliance

How can I apply for a Trail Trust Grant?

fox ttrail trust funding announcement applications open

In order to be eligible for a Trail Trust Grant your organization must be registered as a non-profit, non-governmental organization under local jurisdiction with charitable purposes and practices (e.g. 501(c)(3) in the US). Applications from religious or political groups aren’t welcome. Trail Trust are currently only funding programs and projects, rather than general operating support or fundraising events. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are evaluated quarterly by the Trail Trust review committee. For more information on how the money is being spent, and how to apply for your own Trail Trust grant, hit the link below.


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None Given
None Given
2 years ago

While the premise is seemingly a valid and well intended one…destroying what makes the trails what they are for less than 1% of society is simply destructive. Regulations and laws to make things “accessible” (and tax payer and civil citation expense) only causes ill will. Under the premise of “accessibility for all” should we not lower every basketball hoop? Sign up some legally blind fighter pilots?

Recently we had to spend over $6k to install a “new” ADA wheel chair ramp (6″ wider than the old ADA wheel chair ramp) to fit the person who has never come, in the chair that has never arrived to receive the service that they would not (ever) use…or face civil penalties from the county. In almost every instance, these expenditures are nothing more than virtue signalling and often just padding the pockets of some entity that has skin in the game (figuratively speaking).

Fox could do more for the sport by making their products more affordable – or, maybe even offer spare parts for older forks (that could then be handed down) and keep them out of landfills.

Zach Overholt
2 years ago
Reply to  None Given

I’ve ridden a number of accessible trails (a few times with people that actually need them), and have never felt like it was destroying anything. Usually, these are built in addition to existing trails as an option for those that need them. In my experience, they’re not tearing out existing trails and replacing them. And truthfully, these types of trails will appeal to more than just those with disabilities.

Park City immediately comes to mind—we rode with one of the athletes from the National Ability Center on Tidal Wave which is probably one of the most popular trails in Deer Valley. Most people wouldn’t even know Tidal Wave was constructed to be an Adaptive MTB trail. But people who need that type of trail know. And the smile on Wally’s face at the bottom should tell you everything you need to know about that.

Bike Mike
Bike Mike
2 years ago

wow what a buzz kill that none given. The reality is that everyone at some point in their life will experience disability. It is so awesome that Fox is so progressive and forward thinking. Their products actually do get used on adaptive bikes and that is cool as hell.

Charles McDonald
Charles McDonald
2 years ago

You and your thoughts are out of touch and self serving . As you may have noticed , your thoughts won’t stop progress. Thanks to folks that ride , build and create. And thank you for letting folks know that your type of thinking is being bulldozed for trails

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