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Fresh (and interesting) tech from Mullet Cycles, Peak Design, EO Gear, Aeroe & VeloToze

aeroe waterproof bikepacking frame bags and pannier bags with aerodynamic design
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Whether you’re mountain biking, bikepacking, commuting, or training and racing road, there’s something in this roundup for everyone. Starting with bags on the bike, the Aeroe, this brand launched in 2018 on Kickstarter and has been growing steadily since.

The original, adjustable side and handlebar bags are still here, plus newer rack-top bags for the back and these newer roll-top waterproof stuff sack bags…

aeroe waterproof bikepacking frame bags and pannier bags with aerodynamic design

What sets them apart is the adjustable attachment angles and universal rack system. The handlebar, fork, and rear triangle frame racks and mounts affix securely to almost any frame or fork, whether you have mounting bosses or not. In fact, even if you do, they still just strap or clamp onto the tubes…that’s the only mounting option they offer.

aeroe waterproof bikepacking frame bags and pannier bags with aerodynamic design

Once on there, the bags attach and can be rotated to multiple angles. The rack-top position can run fore-aft for better aerodynamics, or sideways to clear a dropper seatpost.

The Spider Rear Rack ($129 USD) attaches only to the seatstays, and the top “rack” part rotates so you can level it no matter what angle your stays are. Use it for a single pod or bag, or add the side mounts as shown here. Bags and pods range from 8L to 12L in size and cost between $59 and $129, making it a rather affordable light-duty bikepacking system. Check it all out at Aeroe.com.

eoGEAR’s oversized saddle bags

For even lighter duty day touring, these two oversized saddle bags let you bring all the snacks, tools, and spare kit you could possible want on a long ride. Above is the eoGEAR Zippered Saddle Bag, which carries 4.8L in it’s large main compartment. Two external compression straps cinch it all tight so things won’t be bouncing around in there.

It has two sets of hook-and-loop straps to wrap around your seat rails. Use the upper set for a normal installation, or the lower set if you need to hike it up higher to clear the tire on shorter bikes. A connector made by SKS connects it to the seatpost, though they have a different version of it shown on their website that pulls the bag closer to the post. Retail is $73 before you add accessories like the yellow stuff sack shown above.

The Zippered Rando Bag holds a massive 6.8L and is held away from your saddle and post by a metal bracket attached to the rails…and several sizes and shapes are available to help you fit it to almost any bike and saddle setup.

It has a large main compartment with a smaller front (back?) zip compartment with interior organization. Retail starts at $69 with the standard mount, but there are a lot of add-ons and options available to customize it and add capacity. They also make a lot of small frame bags, handlebar bags, and a larger (more traditional looking) bikepacking seat bag. Check it all out at kgear.eogear.com.

Mullet Cycles x Miles Wide turns Schrader tubeless

mullet cycles peacemaker full suspension mixed wheel size mountain bike

The Mullet Cycles Peacemaker full suspension mountain bike debuted in February, but we couldn’t help taking a second look. If there’s one thing they don’t shy away from, it’s the bling. Jewelery-caliber head badges sound cool, but their paint is what lured us into the booth.

mullet cycles peacemaker full suspension mixed wheel size mountain bike

This one looked like British Racing Green, until you walked behind it and it shifted to a sparkly red.

mullet cycles peacemaker full suspension mixed wheel size mountain bike

And this one had a bit-too-faint Gulf Racing theme that looked great with the gold chain and orange fork. But really, it’s the little stuff at their booth that warranted the post:

tubeless schrader valve for mountain bike wheels

Like Tubeless Schrader Valves. Even though there are not a lot of rims with larger valve holes, at least now you have an option. They say the upside is much higher air flow volume, so they should make it easier to set up a tubeless mountain bike tire.

tubeless schrader valve for mountain bike wheels and stretchy tubeless rim tape

They also offer their EverClear tubeless rim tape, which they say is way stretchier than normal tape, so it clings to the rims better. We grabbed a roll and will test it out, stay tuned.

Another little trinket on hand that’s not on their website yet are these cable clips to keep your shift and brake cables/hoses in line. Check out the current collection at Miles-Wide.com.

Peak Design’s slim new magnetic phone cases

peak design iPhone 13 handlebar mounts

Peak Design just launched their phone cases and clever accessories (like a mini pocket-sized tripod) last year, and now they’ve already revamped it to be slimmer (which means they work better with MagSafe chargers!). And there are better mounts, too, like this Out-Front Bike Mount with a tool-free knob that lets you quickly loosen, raise the phone to aim your camera forward, then tighten it into places.

peak design iPhone 13 handlebar mounts

It even has a GoPro-style mount on the bottom so you can attach a light or action camera, too. On the right is their Universal Mount for any tube. Both use their magnetic mount with an ultra-slim notch that snaps the phone into place without having to look. Then it’s locked in, requiring you to press a button on the mount to release your phone.

peak design motorcycle handlebar iPhone mount with vibration reduction mount

They’ve also added these bar and motorcycle mounts that use a vibration damping arm. The newer iPhones with optical image stabilization can get damaged with constant rough vibrations, so this tames it down so your new phone’s camera won’t get ruined. Check out all the accessories and options at PeakDesign.com.

VeloToze shoe covers get tougher, easier

velotoze silicone cycling shoe rain covers with snap-closure on bottom

VeloToze’s new Tall Silicone Shoe Covers with Snap is an updated version of their original that adds a snap closure to make them way easier to slide on. And the material at the bottom is thicker and more durable, so they should last longer, too.

velotoze silicone cycling shoe rain covers with snap-closure on bottom

The snaps are surprisingly tough and seem to get tighter and harder to open when snapped, so they shouldn’t pop open when riding. Available in Black, White & Hi-Viz Yellow for $28.

velotoze aerodynamic cycling socks and gloves

They’ve also added Aero Socks ($38) with internal silicone nubs to keep them gripping high up on your ankles and create small wind dimples to smooth the airflow. The cuff is a soft, bike jersey-like material while the foot part is a more traditional feeling “sock” material and weave. Also available as calf sleeves for those who prefer a shorty sock.

Matching Aero Gloves ($38) lose the dimples but should fit skin tight when on a real hand.

velotoze roam slip-on silicone shoe covers for bicycle commuters

Lastly, the ROAM shoe covers ($10) are aimed at commuters and designed to pull over regular shoes. They have a reinforced and grippy bottom so you can walk like normal in them (and maintain grip on the pedals) while keeping your shoes clean and dry. Available in Black and Hi-Viz Yellow. Grab them all at VeloToze.com.

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